BlackRock Advantage Series

Managed by an institutional caliber investment team, the BlackRock Advantage Series now brings a 30-year track record of active management that seeks consistent outperformance at a lower cost to the individual investor. With the BlackRock Advantage Series, investors no longer have to decide between cost and seeking outperformance.

What is BlackRock Advantage Series?

Raffaele Savi, Portfolio Manager and Co-Head of Scientific Active Equity, explains how Advantage Series:

• Seeks consistent outperformance
• Drives innovation & technology
• Offers greater value

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    The Advantage series is a family of mutual funds that have the objective to deliver diversified and consistent performance across the key categories in Active Equity space. They're priced very competitively. And they rely on 30 year of track record in institutional space from the Scientific Equity group at BlackRock.

    I spent the first 15 years of my 20-year career working with very limited dataset. The game was finding a smarter way to look at information that was sort of pretty limited and unavailable to everybody: company balance sheet and earnings numbers, analyst reports, and historical prices.

    In the last five years, though, the world has changed. We now have access to vast amount of information about digital activity, internet search, geo-location of smart phones, satellite images. And we can track what's going on in the real world much better than we ever could before.

    The opportunity for active investors is to combine these new types of information with what's sort of been the backbone of solid investment strategies for many, many years, and deliver a product that is transparent, efficient, diversified, and consistent.

Why consider Advantage Series?

Keep more of what you earn

Keep more of what you earn

Advantage Series mutual funds are priced lower than 90% of their peers*

Leverage data and technology to seek consistent investment process

Leverage experienced team to seek consistent investment process

30-years of fundamental research experience complemented with innovation and technology