Retirement income solutions

Retirement income solutions for the next generation

A new generation is entering retirement dependent almost entirely on their savings and will need help generating sustainable income. We’ve enlisted Equitable and Brighthouse Financial* to help provide American workers with simplified access to lifetime income throughout retirement.
Why saving “enough” may not be enough
Even people who have saved diligently often fail to spend – and enjoy – their savings, at least in part due to the uncertainty of how to make savings last. BlackRock has developed the LifePath® Spending Tool to help retirees understand their spending potential year-over-year in retirement.
Why saving enough
New solutions need to shift the culture
People want help with retirement income, yet have deeply engrained biases against income products. Successful retirement solutions need to use behavioral finance, technology and plan design to create a new culture of retirement plans focused on spending.
New solutions need to shift the culture
Advocating for progress
BlackRock regularly publishes research on retirement policy and works with legislators to advocate for positive change to make it easier for individuals to meet their needs for retirement.

In the news

BlackRock is partnering with leaders across the industry to launch an innovative retirement income solution for workplace plans. Read more about these conversations.
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