How to plan for retirement

Getting started:
Understanding the different
ways to save


Does your employer offer a 401(k) plan? Read about what differentiates these plans and how enrolling could help you reach your savings goals.

What is a 401(k) plan?

How to handle your 401(k)?

Individual retirement accounts

Looking to save for retirement without the help of an employer? Learn more about how individual retirement accounts (IRAs) work.

What is an IRA?


Annuities, some of which provide fixed payouts throughout retirement, are another way to save. Learn how they work, as well as some potential pros and cons.

Growing your savings:
Managing your retirement investments over time

Retirement investing strategies & portfolios
The goal is to grow savings that you can convert into income during retirement. But your investment needs will likely change in the future. Here's what you may want to consider ahead of time.
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Target date funds
Target date funds can help take the guesswork out of investing. Learn how they work and how they can help you reach your retirement savings goals.
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Budgeting for expenses:
Determining how much money you'll need for retirement

Confused about how much money you should have put away? Having a plan can make it easier. Here are some things you may want to consider sooner, rather than later.

From how to start saving for retirement to when you might be able to retire given common expenses, we take you through the costs that concern pre-retirees most.

Retirement planning expenses and overview
Health care and long-term care costs

Living in retirement:
Stretching your retirement income

When can I claim? How do I claim? We cover these questions - and more.
The name of the game is: Don't outlive your savings. We take you through some commonly-used strategies for withdrawing your funds.
As you consider your income needs in retirement, the LifePath® Spending Tool can help estimate potential retirement spending.


Retirement concerns, like income risks and tax implications, can keep us up at night. Here's what you may want to watch out for to develop a good defense.