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Investing in a better retirement starts here

Retirement is more complex than ever. We’re helping make it more accessible by providing answers and insights, no matter where you are on your journey.

Your map through retirement

Plan smarter and feel better prepared throughout your career by using our retirement guides. We’ve assembled relevant articles, tools and videos to help point you in the right direction.
Saving for retirement
Getting started can feel overwhelming. We’re here to help guide you.
Economic growth
Nearing retirement
With retirement around the corner, help prepare for it.
Living in retirement
You’ve spent years working and saving. Now it’s time to enjoy your nest egg.

Retirement 101

Take a full class on retirement by exploring our complete educational library. Here you can study different topics to help find the answers you’re looking for.
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Get the latest Read on Retirement™

We asked nearly 4,000 people to tell us how they’re feeling about retirement – the expectations, realities, concerns and challenges. The findings show that while everyone’s path to retirement is personal – the challenges they all face are shared.

Educational videos

Learn about retirement and how to help prepare with short videos that explain key investing concepts.

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Retire from work, not a paycheck

A new generation is entering retirement dependent almost entirely on savings and will need help generating sustainable income. BlackRock is working with insurers and leveraging technology to reimagine retirement for millions of American workers.

A retirement planning toolkit

Having a plan for retirement can better prepare you for a more comfortable financial future. Here are more resources designed to help you put your best foot forward.
Get easy access to our retirement tools and calculators.
Retirement 101
Discover our complete educational library, designed to help you confidently navigate retirement.
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Explore BlackRock’s latest retirement research and trends related to saving, investing, and spending.