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Positions and Perspectives

Approach to Sustainability: Mid-Year Reports

These reports outline our engagement approach and voting on climate risk and other sustainability topics.

Annual Stewardship Reports

These reports provide an annual overview of BlackRock’s Investment Stewardship voting and engagement activities for each year.

Annual Voting and Engagement Reports

Annual Statistic Reports

Quarterly Stewardship Report

BlackRock Investment Stewardship publishes quarterly stewardship reports to demonstrate our approach to corporate governance. For 2020 and 2021, we have consolidated our regional quarterly reports into a single global report that highlights our perspective on a wide range of global issues as well regional case studies that illustrate our engagements and voting analyses in a given quarter.




Global Engagement Summary

These reports summarize our global company engagement activity year-to-date. The engagement details include the specific topics discussed with each company engaged. We will update this report quarterly until year-end to show a rolling year of engagement activity.

Proxy Voting History

View complete vote records filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission on form N-PX for the reporting period of July 1, 2020 through June 30, 2021.

Global Vote Disclosure

BlackRock Investment Stewardship’s vote instructions for individual meetings globally. This record reflects votes at meetings held since July 1. It is updated quarterly until June 30 each year, when it is superseded by BlackRock’s annual Form NPX filing.

Proxy vote information disclosed on this site reflects the position of BlackRock Investment Stewardship. Portfolio managers have full discretion to vote the shares in the funds they manage based on their analysis of the economic impact of a particular ballot item. While ballots are frequently cast in a uniform manner reflecting the position of BlackRock Investment Stewardship, portfolio managers may, and sometimes do, vote shares in the funds under their management different from the BlackRock Investment Stewardship position. These votes are not reflected on this site, but are disclosed on Form N-PX filings to the extent required by law.

2021 Vote Bulletins

These bulletins explain our vote decision, and the engagement and analysis underpinning it, on certain high-profile proposals at company shareholder meetings. We make this information public after the meeting, so clients and others can be aware of the vote when it is most relevant to them.

2020 Vote Bulletins

2019 Vote Bulletins 

2018 Vote Bulletins