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Helping people build stability today for a more resilient future

Through the firm’s philanthropic arm, The BlackRock Foundation supports programs that bring financial well-being within reach for those facing historic and ongoing barriers to stability and opportunity.

COVID-19 has wiped out hundreds of millions of jobs globally.
And has deepened inequities in communities around the world.
That’s why we are partnering with Generation, an organization that trains and connects people to upwardly mobile and sustainable jobs. 
We will support Generation across 6 countries to help jobseekers access careers in high-demand sectors including tech, healthcare and green jobs.
We are committed to ensuring our communities are resilient now, and in the future. 
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Bringing economic opportunity to more people

Helping people access a steady and upwardly mobile income is a critical component of building financial resilience. We support job readiness programs that reskill, provide credentials and create equitable pathways to careers.



Super: Deborah Winshel
Global Head of Social Impact & President of the BlackRock Foundation
In the wake of research showing how many people in the U.S. and the UK couldn’t cover a $400 emergency expense,
Super: Deborah Winshel
Global Head of Social Impact & President of the BlackRock Foundation
we launched our philanthropic flagship, Blackrock’s Emergency Savings Initiative, back in 2019.
Super: Deborah Winshel
Global Head of Social Impact & President of the BlackRock Foundation
Thanks to our nonprofit partners including Common Cents Lab, Commonwealth and the Financial Health Network,
we’re helping more businesses support their employees and their customers with one critical building block of financial health.
“BlackRock//Supporting communities”
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Without emergency savings, low-to-moderate income plan participants were twice as likely to withdraw from their workplace retirement account…..
Super: Tim Flacke
Co-founder & Executive Director, Commonwealth
To me that just illustrates what is a fairly easy intuition, which is, there’s a link between our short-term financial well-being and our long-term financial savings.
UPS has also joined the Emergency Savings Initiative to offer a way for its 90K non-union employees to save for emergencies within their current retirement plan.
Super: B.J. Dorfman
Director of Benefits at UPS
Many people think that the 401(k) plan is just for retirement and for long-term savings,
and don’t think of it as a vehicle for short-term savings. So, we really needed to change that conversation with our people.
In addition to employers, we’re partnering across the fintech and payments industry to help bring short-term savings solutions to more people.
LOGOS: MasterCard, UrbanFT Financial Technology, Self
Super: Deborah Winshel
Global Head of Social Impact & President of the BlackRock Foundation
BlackRock has a fiduciary duty to help our clients build better financial futures, but if you widen that lens, we have a social responsibility to help
Super: Deborah Winshel
Global Head of Social Impact & President of the BlackRock Foundation
millions of people create a more secure financial future for themselves and for their families.
Find out more about our $50 million commitment to our Emergency Savings Initiative. Visit savingsproject.org
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Supporting household financial security

43% of low-wage workers in the US don’t have a savings account.* BlackRock’s Emergency Savings Initiative brings together partner companies and nonprofit financial health experts to make saving easier and more accessible.

*Commonwealth, “Emergency Savings: A Life Jacket in Rough Seas,” 2020

From scarce medical resources to food insecurity, COVID-19 has created unparalleled need in our communities globally.
Since March, BlackRock has offered funding and support to frontline responders and food bank partners in our communities.
“BLACKROCK // Supporting Communities”
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We’ve helped our 35 food bank partners around the world to provide a vital lifeline to vulnerable community members.
In Australia, we helped Foodbank Australia distribute more than 500,000 meals nationwide.
And our support in NYC enabled City Harvest to purchase 25 truckloads of shelf stable food
for the hardest-hit communities.
When the pandemic first reached Italy,
we helped Banco Alimentare provide more than 3 million meals to communities in need.
We also provided flexible support to 19 hospitals and healthcare organizations.
In India, we’re supporting organizations that are providing PPE kits
To frontline workers in cities with high case counts.
And in France we are helping
Fondation Hopitaux de Paris-Hopitaux de France improve conditions for patient care and workers in 57 hospitals.
As we face an uncertain reality in the months ahead, BlackRock will continue to support the resilience of our communities.
To learn more, get involved or give back, visit BlackRock.com
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Fostering resilience to macro-level crises

In response to COVID-19, we committed $50M to relief and recovery efforts in places where we operate that have been and continue to be disproportionately impacted. As a global corporate citizen, we support three partners annually to reach communities in distress: the International Rescue Committee, Médecins Sans Frontières and Save the Children.

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Empowering employees to drive local impact in our communities

We elevate employee-led initiatives that support the communities where we live and work and match employees’ volunteer hours and donations.
BlackRock Gives
BlackRock Gives
Once a year our employee-led Gives committees award local nonprofits, nominated by their colleagues, with grants ranging in size from $5,000-$25,000.
BlackRock Match
BlackRock Match
We support causes our employees care about, which includes matching up to $10,000 annually for each employees’ donations or volunteer hours.
Racial Equity Taskforces
Racial Equity Taskforces
Employee-led taskforces identify and fund local grassroots organizations focused on racial justice in the US, the UK and Europe.
Social Impact Challenge
Social Impact Challenge
We run a skills-based hackathon where employees help a local nonprofit solve an organizational challenge.