BlackRock Sustainability

Environmental sustainability

Our commitment

Building better futures through sound environmental management is important to our employees, clients and other stakeholders, and key to securing our future. This long-term view comes to life in our commitment to saving, protecting, and restoring our natural environment by better managing our resources in the operations of our business.

In operating our business, BlackRock pursues a sustainability strategy that seeks to decouple company growth from our impact on the environment, while increasing the efficiency and resiliency of our operations. Finding innovative ways to power our business with renewable energy, lower our emissions and reduce waste, among other efforts, reduces our environmental impact.

Our strategy

Reduce emissions

  • Target: Reduce emissions per employee by 45% by 2020
  • Progress: 44% emissions reduction per employee achieved as of year-end 2019

Increase renewable energy

  • Target: 100% renewable energy globally by 2020 1
  • Progress: 100% renewable energy as of June 2020

Offset & reduce travel-related emissions

  • Target: Offset 100% of travel-related emissions by 2020
  • Progress: 100% of emissions offset for 2017, 2018, 2019 2
  • Target: Reduce air travel per employee by 20% by 2020
  • Progress: Reduced by 21% as of year-end 2019

Energy-efficient buildings & offices

  • Our corporate design standards track closely to green certifications criteria in order to meet best-in-class sustainable building standards.

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