Environmental sustainability

Our commitment

BlackRock is deliberate in our commitment to using our resources responsibly to support the long-term sustainability of our firm and of the global environment in which we and our clients live and operate. We seek alternative approaches that can reduce or offset the environmental impact of our corporate offices through advocating energy and waste management best practices and driving operating efficiencies. We provide opportunities for employees to engage on sustainability-themed initiatives and outside of the office, we encourage employees to give back and volunteer in their local communities on various environmental efforts around the globe.


Our sustainability efforts

Our sustainability efforts are managed by our Corporate Services Environmental Sustainability Group. We employ a multi-faceted strategy to reduce energy consumption and our carbon footprint. We have cut our energy consumption by 11% per employee since 2012, by:

  • Investing in LED technology
  • Upgrading mechanical equipment
  • Reducing technology loads, and
  • Pursuing a high utilization rate of our corporate offices.

We’re also focused on investing in green buildings and consolidating data centers to reduce our carbon footprint. For example:

  • We invested in various tenant improvements to our office space in Gurgaon, India and achieved the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Gold certification for Commercial Interiors; and
  • Two of our largest data centers are now powered by renewable hydropower. Ultimately, with fewer and more capable data centers, we are able to reduce technology complexity and energy consumption.

Through our copy and reprographics partnership, we continue to enhance our global ‘Print Smarter’ program. Since inception in 2013, this program has helped us achieve a 475,000 kWh energy savings per year and reduced our paper consumption in the United States by 25%.

As a result of our ongoing efforts, BlackRock was recognized by the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) in 2015 as a member of the top 10% of reporters in North America.

To us, sustainability means long-term thinking in every respect, whether it be reducing our energy consumption, contributing to communities or building better financial futures for our clients. It is about responsible decision-making — an attribute that’s at the very core of BlackRock.

— Larry Fink, CEO, BlackRock

Opportunities for our clients

We recognize the growing demand and greater opportunity to bring together financial results and environmental or social impact. We offer a number of sustainable investing solutions for clients, including products and strategies specifically related to creating positive environmental outcomes. In addition to offering specific products and strategies, BlackRock has undertaken a multi-year effort to integrate environmental, social and governance considerations into our investment process through Aladdin, our investment and risk management platform. This process provides portfolio managers with information and analytics on key environmental, social and governance issues impacting the companies in their investment universe.