BlackRock Sustainability

Environmental sustainability

Our commitment

In its operations, BlackRock pursues a sustainability strategy that seeks to decouple company growth from the firm’s impact on the environment, while increasing the efficiency and resiliency of BlackRock’s operations. Finding innovative ways to lower BlackRock’s emissions through powering our operations with green, renewable energy, and reducing waste, among other efforts, reduces BlackRock’s environmental impact.

BlackRock’s environmental sustainability strategy is primarily focused on reducing emissions. In 2020, BlackRock reached carbon neutrality in its operations.1 BlackRock reached this milestone by employing energy efficiency strategies, achieving its 100% renewable electricity goal,2 and compensating for those emissions the firm could not otherwise eliminate through the purchase of carbon credits.

Science-aligned Emissions Reduction Targets

BlackRock has established science-aligned emissions reduction targets using a 2019 baseline:

  • 67% reduction of Scope 1 and 2 emissions by 2030
  • 40% reduction in Scope 3 business travel emissions by 2030
  • Engage suppliers representing 67% of our emissions (estimated based on spend) to set science-aligned targets by 2025

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