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More than portfolio management software, Aladdin® is an end-to-end operating system for investment professionals to see their whole portfolio, understand risk exposure, and act with precision. Through Aladdin, BlackRock is committed to helping clients navigate volatility and market uncertainty.
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The clarity to act in a complex world

Aladdin technology brings clarity and connectivity to the world’s financial ecosystem.

Everything we do is guided by the conviction that investors need this clarity at every point in the investment process in order to make more informed decisions, scale efficiently and achieve better investment outcomes. In pursuit of this goal, we are relentlessly innovating and constantly evolving Aladdin technology.

Aladdin and eFront: celebrating one year

One year ago eFront became a part of BlackRock. We integrated eFront with Aladdin to enable a whole portfolio approach and continued to innovate eFront offerings for private market investors – all to accelerate our shared vision to make alternatives less alternative.

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More about Aladdin

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The New Mexico State Investment Council expands partnership to eFront
Learn why the New Mexico State Investment Office staff recommended the Council add eFront to their Aladdin Risk platform.
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The climate data revolution
Mary-Catherine Lader, Head of Aladdin Sustainability & Trevor Houser, Partner at Rhodium Group discuss advances in climate data.
Aladdin in the news
Aladdin in the news
Read the latest press releases and featured stories about Aladdin.
BlackRock runs on Aladdin
Aladdin has always been at the core of BlackRock. It was first built to manage BlackRock’s business, and the firm continues to be the largest user of Aladdin today. Through Aladdin, the firm offers to clients the same technology and intellectual capital that BlackRock uses to manage investments day-to-day.
Aladdin by BlackRock

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