See why BlackRock and hundreds of other investment professionals turn to the power of Aladdin to work smarter, not harder.

The clarity to act in a complex world

More than investment software, Aladdin technology brings clarity and connectivity to the world’s financial ecosystem.

Everything we do is guided by the conviction that investors need this clarity at every point in the investment process in order to make more informed decisions, scale efficiently and achieve better investment outcomes. In pursuit of this goal, we are relentlessly innovating and constantly evolving Aladdin technology.

The Instruments of Change:​ Empowering Scalability & Growth Through Uncertainty
We’re halfway through this year—and we’ve already seen a number of adverse events impact the health of institutional and retail portfolios alike: a late-stage global pandemic, new inflationary pressures, myriad and evolving supply-chain challenges, and geopolitical tensions that continue to permutate and metastasize an overarching feeling of uncertainty. This feeling is sustained and pervasive.​
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a list of industry awards Aladdin has won.


Bringing together the market leading capabilities of Aladdin for public markets and eFront for private markets sets a new standard in investment and risk management technology. Together, they enable investors to seamlessly manage portfolios across public and private asset classes on a single platform, providing a Whole Portfolio View.

More about Aladdin

NN IP partners with Aladdin to deliver more for its clients
NN IP partners with Aladdin to deliver more for its clients
Learn how NN IP, a Netherlands-based investment manager, leverages Aladdin’s product suite to increase agility, reduce complexity, and improve data accuracy.
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Sustainability is reshaping finance
Understand how climate change could affect your portfolio – and act on it. With Aladdin Climate, we show you how.
Aladdin in the news
Aladdin in the news
Read the latest press releases and featured stories about Aladdin.
AustralianSuper's digital transformation
AustralianSuper’s Chief Operating Officer, Peter Curtis, sits down with Sudhir Nair, Global Head of the Aladdin Business, and shares his thoughts about the role technology has played in their recent transformation, their approach to sustainable investing, and their eye toward the future.
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BlackRock runs on Aladdin
Aladdin has always been at the core of BlackRock. It was first built to manage BlackRock’s business, and the firm continues to be the largest user of Aladdin today. Through Aladdin, the firm offers to clients the same technology and intellectual capital that BlackRock uses to manage investments day-to-day.
Aladdin by BlackRock

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