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A workshop for building on top of Aladdin, bringing together the tools you need to quickly build scalable solutions.

What is Aladdin Studio?

Aladdin Studio is a platform that enables and empowers development for the Aladdin Community. It can be used by employees throughout your organization—from citizen developers to full-time engineers. Aladdin Studio helps you and your entire organization get the most out of Aladdin by providing developer guides, templates, and documentation to accelerate technological innovation.

Whether you are a professional engineer building new workflow applications, a code-curious portfolio manager customizing investment insights, or a data analyst automating reporting, Aladdin Studio provides all the tools and resources you need to transform your business.

Drive innovation with Aladdin Studio

Reveal new investment insights
Reveal new investment insights
Reduce the need for complex integration
Simplify the integration of complex data
Realize efficient workflows and timesaving automation
Realize efficient workflows and timesaving automation
Ramp up innovation
Ramp up innovation
Advance your data management
Aladdin Data Cloud brings together Aladdin—the language of portfolios—with Snowflake's data platform. BlackRock and Snowflake have created Aladdin Data Cloud to give clients the ability to unlock the power of their data, while retaining the same security and controls that are hallmarks of Aladdin.
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Power custom solutions with our API surface
Aladdin Studio APIs enable you to build your own solutions with access to the breadth and depth of Aladdin data and capabilities. Retrieve, write, and modify data from across the Aladdin ecosystem to power proprietary applications and create custom tools that meet your needs, without accessing the Aladdin interface.
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Manage your platform with Aladdin Compute
Aladdin Compute provides a highly customizable, easily navigable compute platform, with support for industry-standard notebook integrated development environments (IDEs), including ready-to-use Python environments.
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Customize reporting and analysis with Excel
Harness the power of Aladdin data and services within a familiar and user-friendly platform. Aladdin Tools for Excel (ATX) is an Excel plugin that enables users to retrieve Aladdin data to build custom reports and run bespoke analyses.
Streamline core workflows with Excel
Transfer data securely with Aladdin Data eXchange
Securely bulk transfer your data, consume large data sets downstream, and load large custom data sets to Aladdin through Aladdin Data eXchange (ADX).
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