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Empowering unique outcomes via our API-first approach across shared services and data.

Aladdin® Studio helps unlock data to uncover new insights, automate workflows, and accelerate innovation—all on a single platform built for the pace of change.

Create, customize, and align by innovating on the Aladdin platform through Studio.

The Way Forward: six tech forces driving transformation.

We’re on the cusp of seismic change—with tech that's reshaping our lives and the way we do business. From GenAI to cloud, these shifts create a future of unknowns but also opportunities. Explore our vision for the next era of innovation.
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Learn about real-world applications for Studio in our white paper that covers our own principles for harnessing the power of citizen developers.



Whether you’re a professional engineer building new workflow applications, a code-curious portfolio manager extracting investment insights, or a data analyst automating reporting, Aladdin Studio gives you the data, tools, and governance support to make Aladdin your own.

Key benefits


Create & automate with ease

Set and manage targets, automatically raise and generate orders, project future settlement cash balances, and conduct what-if portfolio analysis by combining historical analytics with real-time, intraday positions, and more.


Make Aladdin your own

Calculate custom scores by combining reference data, derived analytics, proprietary analytics, and portfolio context for meaningful outcomes. Customize Aladdin—to differentiate your firm.


Align internally & externally

Build stronger relationships internally and externally, prepare data for official/regulatory reporting, and construct repeatable executive and board reports with as-was firm-wide exposure reporting.

Technology for the pace of change

The Intelligent Shadow: a conversation between Jason Wild, Vice President, CEO Co-Innovation and Customer Engagement of Microsoft, and Lance Braunstein, Managing Director, Aladdin, on how BlackRock and Microsoft are continuously redefining fintech through a solid foundation, open innovation, and technology that’s built for the pace of change.
Lance Braunstein and Jason Wild

Is ecosystem an empty word?

Listen to our take from Pia Schäfer, Head of Value Engineering for Aladdin, and Drew Ellis, Head of Partnerships for Aladdin—as they discuss the evolution of technologists in financial services, what that evolution represents, and how institutions can extract more value from partners, vendors, and market participants.

Institutional-grade innovation.

Cloud native/hosted

Since day one, Aladdin has been a cloud/hosted platform powered by secure, common, and extensible services for hyper scale.

Aladdin Data Cloud (ADC) is a managed data-as-a-service offering that brings together Aladdin—the language of portfolios—with Snowflake's data platform to transform how you mobilize investment data. Seamlessly integrate and analyze your Aladdin and non-Aladdin data on a single platform while retaining the Aladdin platform's hallmark security and controls.

API-first approach

Aladdin Studio APIs enable you to build your own solutions. Access the breadth and depth of Aladdin data and capabilities. Retrieve, write, and modify data from across the Aladdin ecosystem to power proprietary applications and create custom tools that meet your needs. With Studio, team members across your organization can build new solutions and enhance existing workflows on top of Aladdin. Start building in minutes with developer guides, code snippets, and convenient documentation.

BlackRock Engineering Blog

Discover more insights, learn about BlackRock tech, and join the conversation by visiting our engineering blog.

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