Aladdin Data Cloud


Scale data consumption across your organization without the cost and time-sink of manual data ingestion and integration, with data automatically mapped to Aladdin’s symbology and terminology. Aladdin Data Cloud delivers the functionality your organization needs to harness data efficiently and effectively, helping you to foster innovation, build cutting-edge solutions, and unlock the full power of Aladdin Studio.​

What is Aladdin Data Cloud?

Aladdin Data Cloud is BlackRock’s managed data-as-a-service solution, powered by Snowflake’s data platform. It is an evolution of Aladdin Data Warehouse (ADW) that includes all the features of ADW in a new centralized, automated, and cloud-agnostic platform. Aladdin Data Cloud provides users with a single platform to host all of their data—from both inside and outside Aladdin—and the ability to harness that data efficiently for a myriad of uses. It is a premium add-on that is available in Aladdin Studio, a workshop for building on top of Aladdin, that provides all the tools you need to quickly build scalable solutions. Aladdin Data Cloud can be positioned side by side with your Aladdin in Azure, or in the commercial cloud of your choice.

What benefits does Aladdin Data Cloud deliver?

Aladdin Data Cloud is built on a cloud-agnostic, horizontally scalable data platform that provides near-unlimited scale, concurrency, and performance.​

  • • Store and access your Aladdin and non-Aladdin data on a single platform while maintaining Aladdin’s hallmark security and govern

    • Run Aladdin Data Cloud natively in the clouds and regions of your choice to optimize for high performance, security, and reliability​

    • Improve data connectivity and access, leveraging standardized tools to enhance customization and automation capabilities

    • Integrate Aladdin and non-Aladdin data with your own platform

  • • Data are normalized on ingestion and mapped to Aladdin symbology and terminology​

    • Preloaded ABOR, IBOR, and analytics Aladdin data​

    • Current state and historical investment data are available on demand

    • Continual monitoring for fails and exceptions

  • • Enable users within your organization to innovate with self-service documentation and guides

    • Facilitate reporting with a user-friendly query builder that “speaks Aladdin”

    • Integrate natively with business intelligence tools – including Power BI and Tableau – so you can quickly derive insights from your data

What can I build with Aladdin Data Cloud?

Aladdin Data Cloud is designed to solve your data challenges. By making it easy to find and use all your data, Aladdin Data Cloud can increase your productivity, improve your data
security, automate your reporting, and reduce your cost of ownership. Below are just a few of the ways that you can put the power of Aladdin Data Cloud to work.

  • • Custom ESG scores

    Calculate custom ESG scores by combining reference data, derived analytics, and portfolio context driving investment insights

    • Deskside PM analytics

    Incorporate proprietary PM analytics with Aladdin analyses, and retire deskside bespoke solutions

    • Issuer exposure analysis

    Data science to identify and derive firmwide, team-specific, and account-related issuer analytics

  • Custom risk dashboards

    Automated daily risk dashboards with custom analytics combining proprietary and market-driven data

    • Investment what-if

    What-if portfolio analysis combining historical analytics with real-time, intraday positions

  • Client reporting

    Bring IBOR analytics and official performance together to share with your clients

    • Regulatory reporting

    Prepare data for official and regulatory reporting, including IBOR, accounting, and custom overrides

    • Board reporting

    Create repeatable executive and board reports with as-was firmwide exposure reporting

Our partnership with Snowflake

BlackRock and Snowflake announced a strategic partnership to deliver a next-generation solution for the investment management industry. BlackRock is launching Aladdin Data Cloud, a solution for Aladdin clients, powered by Snowflake’s platform. Together, we are collaborating to address the evolving needs of the investment management community to help make data more accessible and actionable.
Aladdin Data Cloud

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