Aladdin Sustainability is powering the shift to sustainable investing, enabling investors to understand and to leverage ESG and climate metrics throughout their workflows. Our goal is to give you the data and tools you need to navigate the risks and opportunities of sustainable investing.
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Every company and every industry will be transformed by the transition to a net zero world. The question is, will you lead, or will you be led?

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Larry Fink 2022 Annual Letter to CEOs

Aladdin Sustainability brings this transformation to your workflow

Climate risk

Aladdin Climate was built to quantify climate risks and opportunities in financial terms by bridging climate science, policy scenarios, asset data, and financial models to arrive at climate-adjusted valuations and risk metrics. The power of Aladdin Climate can help investors navigate the transition to a lower-carbon economy.
Climate risk

ESG access

Aladdin has a collection of ESG data and solutions that empowers ESG integration across investment workflows and helps users report on their ESG efforts. We offer clients access to 60+ ESG metrics in our Starter Pack, at no additional cost, and access to 8,000+ additional metrics based on licensing.
ESG access

ESG regulations

Aladdin helps clients solve for the increasingly complex regulatory and disclosure landscape emerging in the ESG space – including SFDR, EU Taxonomy, and TCFD – with easy-to-use, curated templates.
ESG regulations

Sustainability growth continues in capital allocation and commitments

There continues to be a massive shift of capital towards sustainable assets as more and more investors express conviction that sustainability risks, including climate risk, are investment risks.
Of investors
Sustainable investments
Sustainable investments have now reached $4 trillion1
Policies and regulations
In 2020 and 2021, 938 new organizations became signatories to the UN’s Principles for Responsible Investment2, bringing the total to 3826
Over 2,000 companies worldwide have committed to the net-zero transition by setting emissions-reduction targets through the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi)3

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