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BlackRock’s Aladdin® solution helps asset managers and owners oversee their whole portfolio, end to end across private and public investments.

Investors can now:

See everything they own in one view
eFront and Aladdin combined offer an overview of investment exposures and full look-through reporting across both public and private markets, all in one platform.
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Understand risk through many lenses
eFront adds to the alternative risk factor models in Aladdin, helping investors understand economic and cash flow risks across their whole portfolio and project outcomes.
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Evaluate performance across the entire portfolio
Investors can now have a comprehensive understanding of performance drivers down to the single asset level and act with greater clarity and efficiency.

Alternatives were an alternative, until they weren’t.

Today’s investors are building sophisticated portfolios and bringing together public and private asset classes to achieve investment outcomes.

They need technology that creates connections, not silos. Dealing with separate teams, processes and data sets can be challenging.

Aladdin’s Whole Portfolio View can give you clarity.

We’ve integrated the best of Aladdin and eFront to deliver the industry-leading multi-asset investment platform.

Now you can seamlessly understand your exposures, risk, and performance across public and private investments.

Evaluate exposures through multiple lenses, from the top of an enterprise down to the individual holding.

Monitor risk through different market environments and stress test portfolios using BlackRock proprietary models and analytics.

Calculate investment performance with consistency and nuance across different asset classes.

All in one place with a single source of data.

Greater transparency allows you to move swiftly from insight to action.

Discover the power of a Whole Portfolio View.

See how Aladdin and eFront enable investors to manage portfolios across public and private asset classes on a single platform, providing a whole portfolio view.

How can a whole portfolio view impact your investment management?

  • Dealing with separate teams, processes and data sets can be challenging and time-consuming. Having a single source for both your public and private markets data will save investors time and increase team operational efficiency. 

  • Take advantage of market opportunities and protect against downside risks. A holistic view of your portfolio provides depth and detail – you can seamlessly move from total enterprise view to an individual asset level view, instilling the confidence required to quickly traverse your allocations.

  • Be prepared for tomorrow’s market by understanding how your portfolio risks react to different environments. Detailed historical views of risk can apply previous experiences to today, whether that be a fast recovery or a global recession. As market volatility spikes, comparisons to previous drawdowns become critical for investors to understand how their portfolio might behave.

  • Calculate your investment performance with consistency and nuance across different asset classes, covering your whole portfolio within a single-source platform.

Client story: The New Mexico State Investment Council expands Aladdin Risk partnership to include eFront

Users of Aladdin are discovering the power of viewing all their assets, public and private, on a single platform. With easier reporting for greater transparency and the cost benefit of retiring other systems, learn why the New Mexico State Investment Office staff recommended the Council add eFront to their Aladdin Risk platform.
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