Aladdin Wealth is an industry-leading platform powering the future of wealth management. Built on the portfolio and risk analysis technology used by BlackRock and sophisticated institutions globally, we are changing how advisors engage with individual investors and transforming wealth businesses.

See how Aladdin Wealth brings clarity to wealth managers and their clients.


COVID-19 and current market volatility are dramatically changing the demands on wealth managers and financial advisors, in addition to the challenges they already face – higher client expectations, complex regulations, fee pressures and more.


The Aladdin Wealth platform delivers the scale, sophistication and simplicity you need to help more clients see their world in ways few others can. Build portfolios that are more aligned with investors’ goals, engage your clients with comprehensive and differentiated content that enhances your value proposition and transform your wealth business.

Portfolio Deep Dive
Analyze client portfolios the way they see things, from individual accounts to total household wealth, including external assets held away. Understand portfolio exposures across asset classes, geographies, risk factors, top contributors and sophisticated scenario analyses.
Portfolio deep dive
Proposal Generation
Rebalance your clients’ portfolios as market views and their needs change. Using the portfolio construction capabilities relied on by the world’s most sophisticated institutions, you can create investment proposals to evaluate changes in portfolio exposures, risks and different market scenarios.
Proposal builder
Business Management
Aladdin Wealth lets wealth managers see and understand their entire enterprise in one place, across all businesses, locations, and functions. You can identify patterns and trends as well as aggregate exposures, allowing you to manage your risks and business in an informed and efficient manner.
Risk monitor
Shift your business to be more data-driven with systematic alerts that identify clients and accounts requiring attention. Create rules to identify both issues and opportunities, allowing advisors to know which clients to contact and where to focus the conversation.

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