Aladdin Wealth™ is a wealth management platform that enables advisors and wealth management firms to face challenging market environments head on, deepen client engagement, and thrive and grow their business in a differentiated way.

Morgan Stanley: The invisibility of the engine

Bid podcast podcast
Bid podcast podcast /
Morgan Stanley: The invisibility of the engine

Chris Scott-Hansen, Managing Director, Associate Director of Consulting Group, Head of Trading & Managed Solutions, Morgan Stanley, and Woo Fung Kwong, Managing Director, Chief Strategic Advisor to Aladdin, discuss the importance of risk management in the wealth space and how a risk-centric approach is changing the advisor-client relationship.

Businesses transform with Aladdin Wealth™.

See how Aladdin Wealth™ empowers wealth managers to help their clients better achieve their financial goals, consistent with their unique risk preferences and values.

Capabilities to evolve your business

Manage your business at scale
Be on top of your business with comprehensive and insightful data that allows you to identify trends and manage effectively.
Engage clients holistically
Uncomplicate complex client needs with a holistic approach that brings relevant, timely insights to every client engagement.
Personalize solutions
Meet the unique circumstances of every client while personalizing portfolios at scale.
Drive business growth
Accelerate and scale your business with powerful tools to engage clients and help them achieve their objectives.

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