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Benefits to Corporations

Whether just starting out or an established market leader, every business needs to focus on making the best use of available cash. Growing companies often have unpredictable cash flows and need to extend their cash life, while more established companies seek to maximize returns on their cash assets. Whether outsourcing day-to-day investing to outside managers, employing a staff of investment professionals internally, or using a combination of these approaches, capturing an aggregated, consistent view of investment risk and compliance is both a difficult and critical challenge.

From risk analysis to full enterprise investment systems, Aladdin can empower corporations with the tools they need to efficiently manage their investments.

  • Aladdin Risk provides a highly efficient means for obtaining consolidated risk and compliance reporting across both internally and externally managed assets.
  • Timely access to complete and consistent information on each portfolio and total positions allows for enhanced ability both to manage managers more efficiently and to modify programs when necessary.
  • If a large portion of the plan is managed internally Aladdin can support the full investment process, helping to mitigate operational risk while increasing operating efficiency.
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