While seeking the most efficient approaches to deploying capital, banks are now investing in classes outside their traditional base of assets. This includes diversification of assets into mortgage servicing right (MSR), whole loans, and structured products as well as consolidations or restructuring of businesses to increase operational efficiency and reduce costs. Concurrently, the regulatory regime is requiring banks to re-evaluate enterprise risk management processes and systems. Managing the data processes, focusing on capital efficiency and operational risk while aggressively managing costs can be challenging.


Address increased scrutiny by regulators and clients

As a solution provided to investment managers by investment managers, Aladdin is continually evolving to meet new regulatory and client requirements.

  • Managing all parts of the risk and investment process across a portfolio on a single platform leads to full, real-time transparency into exposures and risks.
  • Data from Aladdin used to drive global disclosure reporting.
  • Aladdin supports central clearing guidelines under Dodd-Frank.

Increase earnings and enhance shareholder value

Aladdin helps simplify risk and investment infrastructures, which can lead to increased efficiency and reduction in costs, with robust capabilities.

  • Global consolidation of investment/risk platforms to help minimize overlapping technology and processes, and increase global consistency and transparency.
  • Cashflow projections under a variety of scenarios to support income projection and income sensitivity analysis, investment activity planning, and economic capital analysis.
  • Management of new business lines (e.g., expanding into asset management, broker-dealer or insurance to increase margins).
  • A holistic outsourcing service, including middle office and investment accounting outsourcing services.

Improve exposure management to wider balance sheet exposures

Aladdin provides standard views of full balance sheet exposures to allow consistent views of risk across security and loan assets and liabilities.

  • Modeling for fixed-income securities, whole loans, MSR and other loans asset classes in a consistent framework.
  • Modeling of deposit and securitized liabilities to show overall market and credit risks on the balance sheet.
  • Full derivatives support including risk, trading, collateral management and central clearing.

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