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Aladdin Risk is a subset of the full Aladdin platform available on a stand-alone basis. It combines our sophisticated risk analytics and highly scalable processing capabilities to enable you to see your whole portfolio, understand risks and exposures and act with speed and precision.

Aladdin Risk provides tools to help you understand portfolio risk and performance across asset classes to support informed investment decisions. Our flexible user-configurable reports and interactive what-if analysis tools seek to meet the needs of risk managers, portfolio managers, compliance officers, executives, investment committees and boards.

Client story: The New Mexico State Investment Council expands Aladdin Risk partnership to include eFront
Users of Aladdin are discovering the power of viewing all their assets, public and private, on a single platform. With easier reporting for greater transparency and the cost benefit of retiring other systems, learn why the New Mexico State Investment Office staff recommended the Council add eFront to their Aladdin Risk platform.
New Mexico SIO case study


  • Support for fixed income, equities, FX, derivatives, commodities, real estate, private equity and hedge funds.

  • Customize reports to meet your needs.

  • BlackRock manages all aspects of data maintenance and production of analyses, and provides comprehensive client support and training.

  • BlackRock performs rigorous data checks and quality control processes.



    • Security and portfolio level risk analytics-50+ analytic measures calculated on each security
    • Concentrations across sectors, issuers, countries, ratings, etc.
    • Time series/trend analysis
    • Value-at-risk/tracking error using analytical and historical methodologies
    • Stress testing, including user defined scenarios and shocks
    • Decomposes returns across factors
    • Trade quality valuation and analytics based on real-timecurve data
    • Relative value analysis
    • Access to proprietary models
    • Daily analytic returns calculated from the bottom up
    • Attribution and profit & loss by strategy, security, country and sector
    • Absolute or relative to benchmark
    • Optimization analysis
    • Efficient frontier reporting
    • Risk budgeting
    • View end-of-day compliance rule violations and underlying positions
    • Oversee externally managed portfolios

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