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Aladdin Risk is the market-tested analytics engine of our tech--available as a stand-alone offering or as part of the Aladdin platform. It combines sophisticated risk analytics with quality-controlled data and highly scalable processing capabilities.
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Technology, as you'd expect, pretty much underpins the investment process. So, technology is critical for us in leveraging the data that's available, allowing people to run their simulations around risk and returns in developing quantitative investment strategies to support where we are allocating the money, as well.

Peter Curtis, Chief Operating Officer, AustralianSuper
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Know what you own across the portfolio
Analyze risk and returns through one holistic layout, with flexibility to choose the most appropriate risk factors and models for the users' specific circumstances.
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Identify your risk and opportunities
Decompose risk by portfolio, risk factor, sector or security and build & perform stress tests, “what-if” and optimization analyses.
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Make more informed decisions
Perform a wide range of portfolio modeling exercises and conduct customized risk analyses by viewing and changing a variety of assumptions.

The Way Forward: six tech forces driving transformation.

We’re on the cusp of seismic change—with tech that's reshaping our lives and the way we do business. From GenAI to cloud, these shifts create a future of unknowns but also opportunities. Explore our vision for the next era of innovation.
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New Mexico State Investment Council expands Aladdin Risk technology integration to include eFront

Users of Aladdin technology are discovering the power of viewing all their assets, public and private, on a single platform. With easier reporting for greater transparency and the cost benefit of retiring other systems, learn why the New Mexico State Investment Office staff recommended the Council add eFront to their Aladdin Risk platform.
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Risk factors produced & monitored daily by Aladdin tech.
Risk & exposures metrics reviewed daily.
Skilled engineers, financial modelers & data experts.

A comprehensive view of portfolio risk & performance

  • Portfolio positioning and exposures
  • Performance & attribution
  • Portfolio Risk & scenario analysis
  • Asset allocation analysis
  • Compliance and oversight
  • Security Risk and interactive analytics

Principles of design: platform & product

Sue Zheng, Managing Director & Tech Fellow and Afwa Kandawire, Managing Director & Global Head of Aladdin Platforms share more about the platform developments (cloud, scale, API), product engineering, the fundamental pillars of engineering at BlackRock and their career journeys.
Afwa Kandawire and Sue Zheng
Insurance Asset Risk Americas Awards.
Insurance Asset Risk Americas Awards – Awards Winner 2022
Insurance asset risk technology provider of the year - Aladdin® by BlackRock
Central Banking awards.
Central Banking Awards – Awards Winner 2022
Risk management technology provider of the year: BlackRock’s Aladdin® Risk
Buy side award logo
Buy-Side Technology – Awards Winner 2022
Best buy-side risk management initiative over the last 12 months – BlackRock’s Aladdin platform
Buy side award logo
Buy-Side Technology – Awards Winner 2023
Best overall buy-side technology provider, 2023 - BlackRock’s Aladdin platform

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