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Across the globe, from consumer products to financial markets— technology today, is a living thing that breathes change.

Introducing The Never Done Audiocast by Aladdin®—stories about innovation, transformation, and technology—for and by the Aladdin community.


NEVER DONE podcast
NEVER DONE podcast /
PREVIEW: Advancing ESG with tech
Episode description:

Our Aladdin Client, Engineering, and Product leaders discuss how modern tech forces are reshaping the future for asset managers and owners—and the importance of maintaining a stable and performant platform, while gaining new capabilities through AI, blockchain, quantum, and cloud.

Priya Gopalan, Head of ESG, Northstar Group, and Hui Min Loh, Aladdin Alternatives Business Development, discuss the recent ESG trends in APAC as well as Northstar’s ESG journey and how they have evolved their ESG practices with technology.

Discover more episodes and insights

  • Tarek Chouman, Lance Braunstein, Kunal Khara, Syril Smith Garson.

    The Way Forward

    Our Aladdin Client, Engineering, and Product leaders discuss how modern tech forces are reshaping the future for asset managers and owners—and the importance of maintaining a stable and performant platform while innovating.
  • Martin Huber and Pia Schaefer

    Capturing “change alpha”

    Martin Huber, Senior Partner Emeritus, McKinsey & Company, and Pia Schaefer, Global Head of Value Engineering for the Aladdin Client Business, discuss the concept of “change alpha”.
  • Image of Paola Papanicolaou and Victoria Kent

    Intesa Sanpaolo S.p.A.

    Paola Papanicolaou, Executive Director, Group Head of Transformation Area, Intesa Sanpaolo S.p.A. discusses what innovation means to Intesa Sanpaolo, how they leverage technology to face change and how DEI is part of their core business.
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  • Image of Chris Scott-Hansen and Woo Fung Kwong

    Morgan Stanley: The invisibility of the engine

    Chris Scott-Hansen, Managing Director, Associate Director of Consulting Group, Head of Trading & Managed Solutions, Morgan Stanley, and Woo Fung Kwong, Managing Director, Chief Strategic Advisor to Aladdin discuss risk management in the wealth space.
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  • Candace Shaw and Tara Kodali

    SLC Management: Transforming through data

    Candace Shaw, Senior Managing Director, Deputy Chief Investment Officer & Chief Operating Officer, SLC Management, shares her thoughts about data management practices, the complexity of legacy systems, and where she sees future growth opportunities.
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  • Syril Smith and Adam Salvatori.

    The Fourth Industrial Revolution

    Syril Smith, Head of Product for Alpha, Research and AI platforms and Adam Salvatori, Head of AI, Alpha, and Digital Assets Engineering, share more about the combination of humans and machines and the accessibility of new technologies.
  • Mark Erickson and Kunal Khara

    Bringing to Life The Global Insurance Report

    Mark Erickson, Global Head of BlackRock’s Financial Institutions Group, and Kunal Khara, Global Head of Aladdin Product, sat down to discuss this year's edition of the Global Insurance Report.
  • Clément Perrin and Marija Djordjevic.

    Live from Paris: A Conversation with Ardian

    Ardian’s Business Relationship Manager, Clément Perrin sits down with Marija Djordjevic, Head of eFront Research, to share more about their digital transformation journey and discuss how Ardian leverages technology to uncover investment opportunities
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  • Sue Zheng and Afwa Kandawire

    Principles of design: platform & product

    Sue Zheng, Tech Fellow and Afwa Kandawire, Global Head of Aladdin Platforms share more about the platform developments (cloud, scale, API), product engineering and the fundamental pillars of engineering at BlackRock.
  • Jason Wild and Lance Braunstein

    Technology for the pace of change

    A conversation between Jason Wild, Vice President, CEO Co-Innovation and Customer Engagement of Microsoft, and Lance Braunstein, Managing Director, Aladdin, on how BlackRock and Microsoft are continuously redefining fintech through.
  • Fatia-Fatma Balit and Patricia

    BNP Paribas Asset Management

    Fatia-Fatma Balit, Chief Technology Officer of BNPPAM, discusses how BNPPAM is leveraging technology to continuously transform their business and innovate for the pace of change.
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  • Peter Curtis and Sudhir Nair

    AustralianSuper’s digital transformation

    AustralianSuper’s Chief Operating Officer, Peter Curtis, sits down for a lunchtime chat with Sudhir Nair, Global Head of the Aladdin Business, and shares his thoughts about the role technology has played in their recent transformation.
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