An end-to-end portfolio management platform


Aladdin Enterprise is an operating system for investment professionals that powers every aspect of the investment process.
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This end-to-end portfolio management software combines sophisticated risk analytics with comprehensive portfolio management tools, trading, operations, compliance and accounting tools on a single platform.

With a single, standardized data set, Aladdin brings clarity, efficiency, scalability, and cost savings to the entire investment lifecycle. Aladdin’s native risk analysis makes Aladdin a truly end-to-end platform.

Aladdin drives Collective Intelligence by providing tools to help your organization communicate effectively, address problems quickly, and make informed decisions at every step of the investment process.

As an end-to-end investment platform, Aladdin is:

  • Aladdin and Aladdin Wealth are relied on by approximately 55,000 investment professionals around the world.
  • Powered by more than 1,500 developers focused on continuous enhancements that are made available to all clients.
  • Delivered as a hosted service, including the Aladdin technical infrastructure, system administration and interfacing with data providers and industry utilities. BlackRock operates a data and analytics "factory" with 600+ professionals focused on creating and quality controlling data and analyses for clients.
  • BlackRock supports business process design & implementation, third party data sources and middle office operations, data management and system configuration services.
  • A flexible solution for the entire investment process across all asset classes, including alternatives.
Centralized source of data

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