Understand how climate change could affect your portfolio – and act on it

What is Aladdin Climate?

Aladdin Climate calculates and surfaces the climate risk in portfolios, so investors can take action to reduce their exposure. Aladdin Climate powers a set of climate analytics across the investor workflow, so portfolio and risk managers can see climate-adjusted analytics alongside their standard datasets as they make decisions. Our approach uniquely bridges climate science with asset-specific modeling to arrive at a set of climate-adjusted security valuations and risk metrics.

What is climate risk?

The changing climate is creating financial risks and opportunities for investors. Climate risk manifests in two ways: physical risk—the first-order risks arising from weather-related events and transition risk — the risks associated with the transition to a lower-carbon economy. When taken together, investors can assess their holistic exposure to climate risk.

Physical risk
A changing climate is leading to more extreme weather, higher average temperatures and rising sea levels with short- and long-term investment implications. Advances in climate and data science allow us to gauge the likely economic impact of climate-related risks on a localized basis and see how these economic impacts affect investments.
Public Risk
Transition risk
Increasing regulatory action and technological innovation are powering a transition toward a low-carbon economy. Government action to mitigate climate change risks may lead to re-pricing in financial markets.
Transition Risk
Sustainability is reshaping finance
Aladdin Climate enables investors to see climate risk in their portfolios and act with precision.
Climate-based security selection
Including visibility into granular physical exposures and programmatic access to climate analytics
Climate-based portfolio modeling
Including reporting, what-if analysis, and optimization
Enterprise risk and reporting
Including compliance, risk management, disclosures and regulatory reporting

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