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Aladdin® is a tech platform that unifies the investment process for pensions. Whether you manage assets in-house, oversee 3rd-party managers, or both, our platform gives a single, consolidated view of your whole portfolio.

Our tech helps clients transform by providing a stable foundation for open innovation—built for the continuous pace of change.

By bringing together robust capabilities—for public and private markets—BlackRock is setting a new standard in investment and risk management technology for pension plans-- and market conditions-- of all types.

AustralianSuper’s digital transformation

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AustralianSuper’s COO, Peter Curtis, sits down with Sudhir Nair, Global Head of the Aladdin Business, and shares his thoughts about the role technology has played in their recent transformation, their approach to sustainable investing, and their eye toward the future.

Riding The Wave or Getting Caught in The Undertow?

We asked Meera Jessa and Ultan Geraghty, Aladdin’s Co-Heads of Client Engagement, AMRS, to weigh-in on the current state of play for asset managers and asset owners—what institutions should be considering when it comes to their tech stacks, how risk management has evolved, and what all market participants need to be asking of their vendors.
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Aladdin technology was architected to speak the language of pensions

30 plus
Years of experience delivering solutions for pension plans
110 plus
Plans leveraging Aladdin® and eFront® technology globally
180 plus
Pensions, corporations and endowments using Aladdin® technology (or the Aladdin® platform) globally

Where’s the light at the end of the tunnel for pensions?

In a post-pandemic era, pension plans face many challenges and opportunities, hear how technology can help bring about new investment outcomes for the benefit of the end investor—in this discussion between Ultan Geraghty, Co-Head, Aladdin Client Engagement, AMRS, and Badr Bevaart, CFA, Director, Aladdin Business Development.

Unifying your investment management process

Aladdin® technology gives pensions a common data language across investments, operations, and data—better positioning them for scale and efficiency—with capabilities that include:

Key Benefits


Private Markets

As capital markets evolve and allocations in private markets increase, access to granular, accurate data is essential to making informed investment decisions. Access granular data for private markets and alternatives asset classes delivered as a service.


Manage (not minimize) whole portfolio risk

Today, it’s more important than ever to unify the whole portfolio across public and private assets. Leverage a consolidated view of risk across publics and privates, with portfolio optimization and integrated tools for management of your alternatives business.


Internally & externally managed assets

Access a real-time investment book of record (IBOR) covering your entire investment management process. Accurately view risk across internally & externally managed assets with automated, reliable data for analysis, oversight, and management needs. With support across markets, pensions have the autonomy & control over all their participant’s assets.


buy-side awards
Buy-Side IBOR 2022 – Awards Winner
Investment book of record platform—BlackRock’s Aladdin® platform
buy-side awards
Buy-Side Technology – Awards Winner 2021
Best integrated front-office platform ’21; BlackRock’s Aladdin® platform

Your job has gotten bigger. You need a platform that can deliver.

Unified tech platform

Whether you are managing allocations across public and private markets, expanding into new asset classes, or looking for new sources of yield—an antiquated investment tech stack, inefficient investment processes, and countless, disparate sources of data might be hindering true, meaningful momentum.

We can deliver a range of solutions that speak the language of pensions:

Whole portfolio risk & performance
• Unified internally and externally managed asset data
Sustainability and ESG solutions
• Investment Book of Record (IBOR) for assets managed in-house
• Workflow-optimized Accounting Book of Record (ABOR)
Data Management Services
• Private Market Capabilities

Comprehensive analytics

Understand risk and performance from multiple lenses across your whole portfolio with data delivered as a service. From interactive analysis tools for scenario analyses and asset allocation to configurable, interactive dashboards and modeling, Aladdin® technology enables faster insights and capacity to scale so you can deliver for members and beneficiaries.

Our reporting and analytics are built by practitioners for practitioners. The Aladdin® platform is delivered and built for the continuous pace of change. We will continue to innovate to help meet future industry demands with creative, timely solutions.

Expansive ecosystem

Aladdin® technology is data-vendor agnostic.

The platform includes an ever-expanding ecosystem delivered through a consistent source of data with programmatic access via an open architecture–all to support fit-for-purpose integration.

From implementation to new enhancements, the Aladdin® platform creates efficiency and scale through a marriage of technology, people, and processes allowing pension funds to manage their investments and evaluate their risk-adjusted returns across their whole portfolio.

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