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BlackRock is a global investment manager. Our founding mission was to start a company that thought differently about managing risk to better protect our clients, and it is still at our core today. No matter what your goals may be, at BlackRock, we are invested in your financial well-being.

Why BlackRock?

Trade tensions in
the driver’s seat
Trade disputes and geopolitical frictions have become key drivers of the economy and markets. Recent geopolitical volatility – including attacks on Saudi oil infrastructure – underscores this message.
Persistent uncertainty from protectionist policies is denting corporate confidence and slowing business spending.
Tech back in the headlines as the sector to keep an eye on. Tony Kim discusses what makes today different from history.

Trade tensions in the driver’s seat

How to invest
in China
China has had huge economic success in the last 30 years, experiencing over a 4,000% increase in its GDP compared to just 300% in the U.S. What’s behind its overwhelming success, and how can investors take advantage?
Jeff Shen discusses how China became the global superpower it is today and what’s behind its unprecedented growth.
China’s stock and bond markets used to be closed off to foreign investors, but this is starting to change.
China A-shares give investors access to local Chinese stock markets and more opportunities to benefit from the country’s rapid growth.

How to invest in China

Geopolitics’ clout on markets persists
A détente in geopolitical frictions on two key fronts – U.S.-China tensions and Brexit – has boosted risk assets. Yet we are mindful that geopolitical risks are likely to remain elevated over the longer term, and advocate for raising portfolio resilience. Read more in our weekly commentary.
World trade growth and Global trade BGRI, 2014-2019
World trade growth and Global trade BGRI, 2014-2019

BlackRock Investment Institute, with data from U.S. Customs and Border Protection, Statistics Netherlands and Refinitiv Datastream, October 2019. Notes: BGRI stands for the BlackRock geopolitical risk indicator. We identify specific words related to geopolitical risk in general and to the top-10 risks including global trade. We then use text analysis to calculate the frequency of their appearance in the Refinitiv Broker Report and Dow Jones Global Newswire databases as well as on Twitter. We adjust for whether the language reflects positive or negative sentiment. A zero score represents the average BGRI level over its history from 2003 up to that point in time. A score of one means the BGRI level is one standard deviation above the average. We weigh recent readings more heavily in calculating the average.

Geopolitics’ clout on markets persists

Invest for the outcome you want
Markets are marked by increased challenges, from trade tensions to changing monetary policy to still-low yields. As a result, investors may need to work harder to achieve the outcomes they want. Explore three strategies to help your portfolio meet your needs.
Investors with a longer time horizon may want to take more risk in their portfolio. Stocks targeted towards momentum and growth have been able to deliver higher returns over time.

Invest for the outcome you want

Set a target
for retirement
People are living longer, which means they need their retirement savings to last longer, too. Starting early and understanding the different ways to save can help investors build a retirement plan with confidence.
The investment needs of your retirement plan will likely change over time. No matter where you are in life, find a plan that matches your goals and tolerance for risk.
We asked 403(b) plan savers about their goals and concerns for retirement. The results? 403(b) and 401(k) savers diverge in surprising ways.
These target date funds are professionally managed portfolios of diversified investments that adjust over time.

Set a target for retirement



Net Asset Value ($)


Total Returns (%)



Net Asset Value ($)


Total Returns (%)