Equity investing for a new era: The return of alpha

Weekly Market Commentary | October 02, 2023

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Investing in the new age of neuroscience


Funds that match up with investing goals and preferences

Each investor has a different story, and we are steadfast partners to our clients in the UK because we listen to every one of them. Our full range of funds is one way we’re helping more investors build solid financial futures.

Buying shares for the long term

When you invest in an equity, you buy a share in a company and become a shareholder. Equities are typically best for long-term investing – for those who are able to ride out the highs and lows of the market in search of higher rewards. 

Fixed income
Seeking stable, lower risk returns

Fixed income securities, or bonds, are issued by companies and governments as a way of raising money. They’re basically an ‘I.O.U’ – designed to provide a regular stream of income (which is normally a fixed amount) over a specified period of time.

Driven by diverse sources of returns

While traditional assets like stocks and bonds are traded on the public markets, alternative investment strategies such as real estate, infrastructure, and private credit are less sensitive to the movements of global markets. 

Bank accounts aren’t the only option

If you're looking for better rates of return on deposits than you’d get in an ordinary bank account, cash funds may be a great option. They often invest in very short-term bonds known as ‘money market instruments’, which are essentially banks lending money to each other. 

Investing that works for everyone

Fifty years of indexing have proven investing doesn’t need to be expensive, or complex. There’s quite literally an index fund for every market exposure and investment strategy you could possibly need, which means more opportunities for more investors. 

Diversifying your portfolio

A multi-asset strategy combines different types of assets – stocks, bonds, real estate, or cash for example – to create a more nimble and broadly diversified portfolio. Fund managers will balance asset classes to achieve particular investment objectives.


Investment insights from BlackRock

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ISSUE #6 Q2 2023

This cycle is like no other

The bull market in bonds has been ended by central banks’ commitment to address stubborn inflation. This likely results in a recession, despite economic resilience. It’s a new investment environment, requiring new perspectives to navigate the regime change. This edition of blink showcases insights from across BlackRock to do just that.
Sustainability at BlackRock

Helping our clients navigate sustainability

Sustainable Investing | BlackRock


Let’s flashback to driving a car 15 years ago. Drivers would use rear and wing mirrors to merge, reverse, and park. Today, thanks for advancements in technology, we have cars with cameras, collision warnings, and parking sensors. These involved safety features give drivers a more complete view of their surroundings helping them make better decisions. The same thing is happening with investing, raw traditional financial analysis still anchors investment decisions, the greater availability of sustainable data today gives investors and more holistic view of the companies they invest in. Sustainable investing uncovers environmental, social, and governance or ESG related risk and opportunities that traditional security analysis may overlook. By giving investors a more complete view, sustainable investing can help identify companies that may be better positioned to manage sustainability related risks. Let’s zoom in.


Environmental risks increasingly threaten company profitability through extreme weather, rising sea levels or pollution and waste. Companies exposed to frequent extreme weather events near the water or in a wildfire zone may face disruptions to their operations and threaten their long-term performance. Product liability health and safety and data privacy are all examples of social risks to a company. Companies that overlook data security may be susceptible to hackers or data breaches that can quickly drive down and stock price. Broad quality and diversity, fair CEO pay, and accounting practices are all governance risks. Companies with a diverse and independent board of directors can help reduce the risk of oversight, fraud, and bribery. Sustainable investing doesn’t replace traditional financial analysis, it supplements and enhances it. BlackRock empowers investors to assess ESG risks in their portfolio construction process and makes it easy to get started with solutions across both iShares ETFs and BlackRock active mutual funds. Regardless of your views on the future long-term success is one goal that unifies all investors. BlackRock believes that investments that consider ESG metrics can help you pursue long term success of your portfolio and contribute to a more sustainable world.



Investors need a partner to help them distil a large volume of complex information. BlackRock is here to listen to investors’ sustainability objectives, share insights, and offer them investment choices across a wide range of solutions.