Cash Management

Cash management

BlackRock is your trusted partner for cash and liquidity management, which are central to both business operations and portfolio management, enabling an enhanced yield profile while managing counterparty, credit, and liquidity risk.
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Capital at risk. The value of investments and the income from them can fall as well as rise and are not guaranteed. Investors may not get back the amount originally invested. 

Your partner for cash and liquidity management

Entrust your cash with BlackRock, a counterparty focused exclusively on managing money on behalf of our clients – so your best interest is our only priority. Let’s work together to find the right combination of strategies that seek to deliver stability, liquidity and performance in your portfolio.

Best-in-class access to liquidity, pricing and diversification to manage risk.
Dedicated portfolio managers for disciplined portfolio and position-level management to seek to deliver performance.
Maintenance tools
Technology & analytics
Sophisticated analytics, insights, risk management and reporting powered by CachematrixTM by BlackRock and Aladdin.

Cash and liquidity solutions

BlackRock considers cash management a unique investment discipline requiring a distinct skill set for effective management. While our investment strategy is conservative by nature, we strive to deliver competitive, consistent returns over time.

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Money market strategies

Our liquidity strategies are designed to meet the cash management needs of institutional investors. They aim to satisfy the most conservative investment policies by consistently focusing on high-quality investments and providing same-day liquidity with competitive yields.

Government money market strategies invest in government securities or repurchase agreements that are collateralized by government securities.
Short-term credit
In addition to the government strategy these invest in securities issued by corporations, banks and other non-government entities.
Environmentally Aware
Following a similar strategy to the short-term credit, this fund range applies more environmental considerations and commitments.
Ultra-Short Bond
With a minimum recommended investment horizon of three months, these strategies offer potential for yield uplift whilst focusing on low volatility of capital and liquidity.

A Money Market Fund (MMF) is not a guaranteed investment vehicle. An investment in MMFs is different from an investment in deposits; the principal invested in an MMF is capable of fluctuation and the risk of loss of the principal is to be borne by the investor. The MMF does not rely on external support for guaranteeing the liquidity of the MMF or stabilising the NAV per share. Further information about the funds, including the methods used by the MMF to value the assets of the MMF and calculate the NAV, are available at

If a pooled fund solution does not meet your investment needs, please contact us to explore the potential for a bespoke separate account solution.

Exchange traded funds (ETFs)

When putting cash to work, investors should balance their needs for preservation of capital, income and liquidity. With attractive yields available in short-term bond markets, investors may consider using ETFs to add income and keep pace with inflation.

0-1 year Government bond ETF strategy
Exposure to government bonds with remaining maturities less than or equal to one year.
1-3-year government bond ETF strategy
Exposure to government bonds with remaining maturities less than or equal to three years.
Ultra-short maturity corporate bond ETF strategy
Exposure that seeks to provide income by investing in a broad range of ultra-short maturity investment grade corporate bonds.
Short maturity corporate bonds ETF strategy
Exposure that seeks to provide income by investing in a broad range of short maturity investment grade corporate bonds.
Floating-rate bond ETF strategy
Exposure to investment grade corporate floating rate bonds, whose interest payments adjust to reflect changes in interest rates.

Mutual funds

BlackRock’s Short Duration strategies employ a fundamental, diversified, and relative-value approach focused solely on the front end of the yield curve.

Actively managed portfolio of bonds
Active management can help investors navigate volatility, seeking to identify the 'winners' while avoiding exposure to potential 'losers' of the current market environment.
Yield advantage
Aim to maintain a yield advantage over the index benchmark.
Relative value
A diversified relative value approach, rather than structural beta tilts, aim to add active performance through the market cycle, delivering attractive risk-adjusted returns.
Unconstrained solutions to complement traditional exposures
BlackRock’s unconstrained fixed income funds can flexibly manage duration, navigating periods of rising and falling interest rates to protect total returns.

Separately managed accounts

Unlike commingled mutual funds, separately managed accounts are segregated mandates comprised solely of one client’s assets. The investment strategy of the account is driven by the specific objectives and risk tolerance of the account owner, often dictated by their investment guidelines.

Dynamic markets require dynamic technology. That's why BlackRock Cachematrix is constantly evolving to help you manage cash better and faster. Our liquidity platform is built around operational efficiency, offering configurable tools for end-to-end cash management. From initiating trades, streamlining settlement and producing reports, you need a convenient platform to manage money market fund investments. More function, less friction. BlackRock Cachematrix gets it. BlackRock Cachematrix is guided by three foundational pillars: innovation, integration and impact. Powered by decades of financial service knowledge and technology expertise, our functionality features sophisticated investment tools and analytics. Delivering the relentless innovation and global client support you need to help you confidently navigate changing market conditions. BlackRock Cachematrix meets you where you are, integrating with existing tools to empower you to streamline your time spent managing cash. With BlackRock Cachematrix, you can view and trade accounts across entire portfolios, conduct in-depth risk analysis, compare available investment options, and leverage multiple reporting interfaces. With BlackRock Cachematrix, you also benefit from the impact of our global ecosystem–one of the largest liquidity portal providers. Our diverse client base provides unique insights, helping us to continually enhance and evolve our solutions. We are always reimagining ways to simplify cash management. Reimagine how you manage cash with BlackRock Cachematrix.


Let’s tech about the future of cash management

Dynamic markets require dynamic technology. That’s why BlackRock® Cachematrix™ is constantly evolving to help you manage cash better and faster.

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Our team

With over 45 years1 of cash management experience, BlackRock is able to offer clients an investment approach that has been tested through time and a variety of solutions designed to meet the needs of today’s cash investor.

Roland Villacorta, CFA
Managing Director, Head of Global Cash Management and Head of Securities Lending within BlackRock Global Markets
Roland Villacorta, CFA, Managing Director, is Head of Global Cash Management and Head of Securities Lending within BlackRock’s Global Markets. He is a member of BlackRock's Global Operating Committee.

1Timeline includes history from predecessor entities. As of March 31, 2024.