Financial institutions

Our institutional clients

The institutions we serve at BlackRock – from foundations to large pension funds – collectively serve hundreds of millions of people around the world.

We’re honored to work alongside them as they contribute to the financial futures of the people who depend on them.

Capital at risk. All financial investments involve an element of risk. Therefore, the value of the investment and the income from it will vary and the initial investment amount cannot be guaranteed.

Rely on our innovative solutions and dedicated partnership

The money we invest and manage is not our own – it belongs to our clients. And every investing decision we make has to be made in their best interests – and theirs alone. It’s a great responsibility, which we take very seriously.

1Employees in the United Kingdom and Ireland
1Million+ pension schemes managed by BlackRock in the UK
1Billion invested into the UK on behalf of our clients

1BlackRock as of 31 March 2023

A trusted partner for over 1,000 UK pension schemes2

Our global platform is built on ideas and innovations from today’s top minds – with the local expertise needed to understand and help solve our UK clients’ most pressing needs.

2BlackRock DC Pulse Survey 2021

Helping more people retire comfortably

When your goal is to provide members with the best possible income to reduce stress and allow for a happy retirement, trust BlackRock to help you simplify investing and provide high quality investment products that can help you build better defaults for your members.

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Offering a full range of investment strategies

We understand the many challenges that DB pensions face. With interest rates changing and market volatility up, many plans are struggling to improve funded ratios and close funding gaps. To help, we offer a full range of investment strategies from comprehensive risk analysis to portfolio construction.

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Navigating the largest public sector pension scheme in the UK

We understand the regulatory environment in which the LGPS funds must live and can help navigate that landscape with specially designed solutions that meet those requirements – whether related to the use of derivatives or reporting on voting rights.

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Aiming to meet future funding objectives

UK defined benefit (DB) pension schemes face huge challenges building investment portfolios capable of returning them to full funding levels to meet their liabilities. Fiduciary management provides a fully outsourced investment solution to meet this challenge.

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A central point of contact for the consultant community

Guided by market insights, segment expertise, and proprietary thought leadership, our Global Consultant Relations team partners with regional, national, and global investment consultants to develop innovative solutions on behalf of their clients.

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Our approach to index investing is anything but passive

Investors today demand more efficient returns and innovative ways to use index strategies. The investing landscape has evolved considerably over the past decade and our team aims to help institutional investors understand the changes and how to capitalise on them.

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Official institutions

The Official Institutions Group (OIG) partners with central banks, sovereign wealth funds, finance ministries, future generation funds, and multi-lateral organizations – offering the full breadth of customized solutions, global investment management, risk management, and advisory services.
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