What we do

Finding answers to some of life’s biggest questions

Our first question was: How can investing help more people? This led to even bigger questions.


How can we make investing easier and more affordable? How can we help drive the transition to net zero? 


Finding those answers is how we’re working to help millions of people in the UK. 


That’s one thing never in question.

Female hikers walking in countryside

People bank on us, but we’re not a bank

Or a hedge fund. Or an investment bank.


We help our clients, and the people they serve, save for retirement, pay for their children’s educations, buy homes and start businesses. Throughout our history, we have continued to find new ways to contribute to a more equitable, resilient future for everyone.


That’s been our purpose from day one, set by our founders who still work here tirelessly to achieve it.


And you can take that to the bank.

A gardener’s approach to growth

A man leaning on shovel in community garden

Those who know a thing or two about growth know it takes a holistic approach: You plant the seed for today and for the future.

We call it the whole portfolio approach.

This means balancing a portfolio for risk over the long term and not just loading it with today’s high-performing funds. To do this, we use every tool at our disposal from index tracking ETFs to hands-on, actively managed funds. 

How you plant today determines what you reap tomorrow.

Just ask any gardener.

Born from a healthy paranoia

Our global research lab regularly publishes content on the economy, markets, geopolitics and long-term asset allocation.


Our brightest minds question, question and question again on behalf of our clients, unearthing insights that can lead to better results. Call us paranoid if you like, we’ll take it as a compliment.

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