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Where we stand

We’re helping more and more people experience financial well-being. Together with our clients, we’re contributing to a more equitable and resilient world – today and for generations to come.

We’re all connected

By helping millions of people invest their savings in businesses, small and large, we’re helping to drive the global economy; infrastructure that connects and powers our cities and innovations that change the world.
Plus, we’re making it easier and cheaper so that more people are empowered to build savings and meet the financial goals that matter most to them.

1. We help millions of people invest to build savings that serve them
People deserve financial security across their lifetimes. That means meeting expenses today, saving enough to enjoy retirement, and being prepared for all of life’s moments in between. We’re developing solutions across the savings lifecycle, with products and programs that make saving for and spending in retirement a seamless experience.
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Expanding choice in Mexico
Our acquisition of Citibanamex is helping us meet the needs of individual investors. For the equivalent of $50, any local investor can now access world-class asset and risk management to build diversified portfolios. We’re also helping local communities increase economic resilience and employment.
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2. We make investing easier and more affordable
We’re putting the markets within reach of all investors. Our iShares ETFs are revolutionizing what it means to be an investor by making it easier for anyone to access market opportunities anywhere.
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Championing investors in Brazil
iShares introduced Brazil’s first local ETFs in 2008. Today, the doors are opened to world markets, putting more people in control of their financial futures.
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3. We seek better outcomes for investors by advancing sustainability
As the world transitions to a low-carbon economy, our clients want to understand how to address climate risks in their portfolios. That’s why we provide more sustainable investment options than anyone and make sustainability the standard for how we manage our clients’ money.
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Generating energy and jobs in Norway

Our clients’ investment in the Guleslettene WindFarm project*, including a full equity ownership stake to cover construction costs, will not only provide 1 million homes with green energy in Norway, but will also support 500 jobs in the local area.

4. We contribute to a more resilient economy that benefits more people
We invest our clients’ money in companies of all types and sizes, in every region of the world — helping those companies grow and create jobs, and enabling economies and societies to prosper.
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Serving investors by serving customers
An Indonesian microlender provides millions of people with access to capital by reaching them where they are. The company’s focus on building customer trust has served them – and investors – well. It shows how financial inclusion can also help deliver shareholder value and is one of the reasons we’re a large investor in the bank.
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Let's be clear

We believe in the power of transparency to hold ourselves and others accountable for continuous progress.

In January 2021, BlackRock outlined an ambitious set of commitments to support the transition to a net zero economy: one that by 2050 will emit no more carbon than it removes from the atmosphere.

Our commitments

Data, disclosure and metrics are key to advancing the net zero transition, which is why our 2021 commitments include1:
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Publishing a temperature alignment metric for our public equity and bond funds
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Helping more investors manage and meet their climate objectives through Aladdin Climate
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Implementing a heightened scrutiny model for climate risk in our active portfolios
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Asking the companies we invest in to articulate a business plan aligned to global net zero by 2050