Boost your financial literacy and become a better investor

Financial well-being boils down to one thing: financial literacy. That’s why financial education is so important. Whether you’re just starting out or you’re a seasoned professional, our educational articles are designed to help you on your journey to becoming a better, more confident investor – so you can plan for a better future. 

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Learn the basics

Many people never start investing their money because they don’t understand things like qualified longevity annuity contracts – and to be honest, we can’t blame them. We are here to help demystify financial terminology and make investing easier for everyone.

At BlackRock, we strive to help more and more people achieve their financial goals and experience financial well-being.

If you’re new to the world of investing, start here and learn about why you should invest, how to get started, and improve your financial vocabulary.

Only about a third of Americans feel confident in their investing knowledge*

*Pollfish Survey, May 2022, N-1, 00


Understand the different types of investment funds

Use this section to learn about the different kinds of investment funds available to investors, from cost-effective exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and index funds to actively managed and offshore funds. Then you can start to develop an investment strategy around your own personal goals and preferences.


Asset classes explained

Asset classes are groups of investments or securities with similar characteristics. Our capabilities span across all asset classes to give you the breadth you need to achieve your objectives. Explore this section to give yourself a better understanding of your different investment options.


Start planning for retirement or another life goal

Like everything else in life, it’s good to have a goal when you invest your money. Most people invest for retirement, life events such as college tuition, or rainy day funds. Investing is different than saving because it gives you the opportunity to reach your goals faster. No matter what your personal finance goals may be, we can help you get started.