What are some good investment ideas?

Before making any investment decisions, it’s wise to seek guidance from a financial advisor, who can help you carefully assess your long-term goals. Based on your preferences, you may want to explore:

How can diversification help me generate income?

If you rely on your investments for income, it is important to allocate to both stocks and bonds. One of the key ways to reduce investment risk is to diversify. Simply put: Don't put all of your eggs in one basket. Taking a diversified approach to investing can help if you’re seeking consistent income for the long run, while potentially reducing portfolio risk. Some ways to help generate income include considering a wider array of bond investments as well as multi-asset strategies that allocate to both stocks and bonds in one fund. BlackRock has many strategies to help you generate income.

How can I reduce my investment risk?

It’s only natural for investors to be concerned during periods of market volatility but investing with a long-term perspective means persisting through market swings. Investors who sell during times of volatility may miss out when the markets turn back up, and as a result, their portfolios could underperform. Instead consider lower-risk core bonds, which can offer diversification benefits and help reduce risk in case of a sell-off, and lower volatility equity strategies, which can help provide returns with less risk.

How can I lower my investment fees?

Broad index exchange traded funds (ETFs) can help investors who are looking to lower fees in their portfolios, or get started at a low cost. iShares Core ETFs only cost about 1/10th as much as a typical mutual fund and are also a tax-efficient way to help build a strong foundation for a portfolio.

How do I access higher growth potential?

Investors with a longer time horizon may want to take more risk. Stocks targeted towards momentum and growth have been able to deliver higher returns in the long run. Momentum stocks track large- and mid-cap companies whose price may rise over time. Growth stocks target companies with sustainable, high-growth potential over time.

How do I navigate changing interest rates?

Rising interest rates may offer opportunities to pursue higher yields, which translates into more investment income. But did you know that there’s an inverse relationship between bond prices and yields? What that means is that as interest rates rise, the value of bonds tends to fall, and this can put your bond holdings at risk.

To prepare your portfolio for rate changes, consider a short duration or flexible bond strategy that can help seek positive returns in all interest rate environments. Exchange traded funds can also help manage interest rate risk in a cost-efficient manner, and certain mutual funds seek to outperform while managing interest rate risk.

What is factor investing?

Factors are broad, persistent drivers of return for stocks, bonds and other assets. Factors can help investors seek a range of goals, from generating returns and reducing risk to improving diversification. There are two main types of factors that have driven returns: macroeconomic factors, which capture broad risks across asset classes; and style factors, which help to explain returns and risk within asset classes.

What is sustainable investing?

Sustainable investing helps investors seek the performance of traditional investments while targeting specific social or environmental impact objectives, such as reducing the carbon footprint of an investment portfolio. We believe it is feasible to seek to achieve a more sustainable outcome while pursuing your financial goals.