Multi-Asset Strategies & Solutions

Multi-asset strategies have the versatility to scour a broad investment universe for opportunity. Our Multi-Asset Strategies & Solutions (MASS) team is designed to deliver outcomes with more precision through funds, model portfolios, and more.

Risk: Diversification and asset allocation may not fully protect you from market risk.

What are multi-asset funds and why BlackRock for multi-asset investing

Multi-asset funds can invest flexibly across a broad universe that may include stocks, bonds, cash, and alternative asset classes.
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Scale and scope
Our multi-asset strategies bring together BlackRock's global capabilities, utilizing the best ideas from across the firm.
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Comprehensive portfolio approach
We help our clients meet their objectives in context of the whole portfolio.
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Technology enabled
BlackRock investors use Aladdin®, our internal risk management system, to make smarter investment decisions.
Over 500 multi-asset investment professionals globally1
Working from 19 different offices around the world1
In over 14 countries, covering both institutional and wealth clients1

BlackRock as of December 31, 2023. For illustrative purposes only. Subject to change.

Explore our range of multi-asset funds

Investing in multi-asset funds can help you achieve a range of investment outcomes.

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Seek income with multi-asset strategies

A multi-asset income strategy might be a good fit for investors seeking cash flow in a risk-aware and diversified manner.
Managed Income Fund
This fund is a core, low-cost income solution with a conservative, risk-managed approach that seeks to provide attractive income.
Multi-Asset Income Fund
This fund seeks to achieve attractive income with less risk by tactically managing a portfolio of equities, fixed income, and non-traditional sources of income.
Dynamic High-Income Fund
This fund manages difficult to access income streams and seeks to achieve high income by tactically managing a portfolio of non-traditional sources of income.

Seek growth with multi-asset strategies

A multi-asset growth strategy might be a good fit for investors seeking long-term capital appreciation at lower levels of volatility than stocks.
Sustainable Balanced Fund
This fund invests in equity, debt and convertible securities, leveraging traditional financial data along with ESG insights to help uncover alpha opportunities and manage r...
60/40 Target Allocation Fund
This fund offers a core, diversified solution that provides investors balanced and diversified exposure across a wide range of asset classes, geographies and securities.
80/20 Target Allocation Fund
This fund offers investors a way to help balance their investing outcome through diversification across active and index, stocks and bonds using a suite of underlying mutua...

Seek diversification with multi-asset strategies

An alternative multi-asset strategy might be a good fit for investors seeking differentiated risk and return profiles with low correlation to broad asset classes to help diversify 60/40 portfolios.
Tactical Opportunities Fund
This fund offers a macro strategy that tactically allocates across global markets and asset classes and has achieved lowly correlated, stable growth.
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We show up as a fiduciary to our clients by building, managing, and innovating multi-asset solutions that help investors achieve their desired investment objective.

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Ryan Marshall Ryan Marshall Co-Head of the Multi-Asset Strategies & Solutions team

Read our latest multi-asset insights

These paintings aren’t for everyone, but I love their expressive nature. It takes a lot of focus, patience. It's the small moves that make the big picture.

I'm Michael Gates, Head of Model Portfolio Solutions in the Americas at BlackRock.

I was mainly interested in chemistry and biology in college, which is where I learned to approach things with scientific rigor. When I got my master's in economics and joined BlackRock 23 years ago, I knew I'd found my dream job taking a scientific approach directly to the markets.

My team creates and maintains Target Allocation Model Portfolios that we design to be tractable. We use the Aladdin platform to look through to the underlying holdings of our investments and examine the underlying economic and financial factors that link them.

It’s kind of like painting. The outcome of the work is something that appears simple to anyone observing it, but that simplicity masks the complexity within.

BlackRock’s model portfolio solutions make a big positive difference in people’s lives. I think that is rewarding.

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The model portfolios are made available to financial professionals by BlackRock Fund Advisors ('BFA') or BlackRock Investment Management, LLC ('BIM'), which are registered investment advisers, or by BlackRock Investments, LLC ('BRIL'), which is the distributor of the BlackRock and iShares funds within the model portfolios. BFA, BIM and BRIL (collectively, 'BlackRock') are affiliates.

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Our multi-asset investors

Michael Gates is the head of Model Portfolio Solutions in the Americas within BlackRock's Multi-Asset Strategies & Solutions group. The models that Michael manages have been awarded a gold medal by Morningstar, their top medal designation¹. Watch to learn more about Michael and how he got started at BlackRock. 

Alex Shingler
Co-Head Income Investing, Multi-Asset Strategies & Solutions
Tom Becker
Portfolio Manager, Global Tactical Asset Allocation Team
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Global Head of Retirement Solutions and Head of Lifepath
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Co-Head Income Investing, Multi-Asset Strategies & Solutions