Making informed investment decisions in today's complex, volatile markets requires significant resources and focus. Managing multiple commingled vehicles, separate accounts and ETFs with highly customized mandates makes it challenging to generate consistent excess returns across portfolios. The need to ensure compliance with client guidelines, execute trades efficiently in a low liquidity environment, and quantify risk on a real-time basis makes it increasingly expensive to deliver a first class investment product.

Aladdin solves many of the challenges faced by large investment managers. Aladdin combines comprehensive risk analytics with front, middle and back office functionality. Sophisticated and flexible tools measure risk exposures across portfolios and automate portfolio modeling to achieve manager-defined objectives within client guidelines – for both active and passive investment styles. A real-time dashboard provides information transparency throughout the organization by allowing all departments to access consistent information across portfolios. In short, Aladdin allows investment managers to focus on what they do best - interpreting results, making investment decisions, and servicing clients.


Industry trends toward multi-asset class, outcome-oriented portfolios may strain existing systems.

Aladdin supports multi-asset portfolio and mandates, along with custom benchmarks, model portfolios or targets.

  • All asset classes on a single platform for both a risk and investment management.
  • Ability to record Portfolio Manager objectives and manage model portfolios.
  • Ability to efficiently manage multiple portfolios simultaneously.

Pressure to increase earnings and enhance shareholder value.

Aladdin simplifies risk and investment infrastructures, which can lead to increased efficiency and reduction in costs.

  • Aladdin supports global consolidation of investment/risk platforms to help minimize overlapping technology and processes, and increase global consistency and transparency.
  • Automated workflows can increase efficiency and reduce operational risk.
  • Aladdin provided as a managed service, allowing client professionals to focus on managing portfolios rather than technology, data and processing challenges.

Need to address increased scrutiny by regulators and clients.

As a solution provided to investment managers by an investment manager, Aladdin is continually evolving to meet new regulatory and client requirements.

  • Managing all parts of the risk and investment process across portfolio on a single platform leads to full, real-time transparency into exposures and risks.
  • Data from Aladdin used to drive global disclosure reporting.
  • Support for central clearing guidelines under Dodd-Frank.

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