Aladdin integrates sophisticated risk analytics with portfolio management tools to bring clarity and scale to institutional asset management. The platform’s tools help you make more informed investment decisions and operate more efficiently.

Save hours each day that you may otherwise devote to reconciling data between disconnected systems – freeing up more time to focus on the important strategic work and risk analysis that can have the biggest impact on your portfolios.

Learn more about how Aladdin can help Fundamental Equity, Index Equity, and Fixed Income portfolio managers.

  • Seamlessly model orders across one or many portfolios, including rebalancing to targets or representative accounts, so you can move quickly to keep up with markets.
  • View intraday P&L and daily performance attribution, to see the impact of your investment decisions and determine where you can continue to add value.
  • Access and overlay internal research onto your holdings and exposures so you can see how you are positioned against different recommendations and benchmarks.
  • Benefit from a single integrated system that supports a seamless process – from risk analysis to portfolio modeling to creating orders that are automatically routed to the appropriate trading desks and checked against necessary compliance guidelines.
  • Rapidly test thousands of potential scenarios every day – answering questions like, "How will inflation affect me?" "What impact will a change in oil or gas prices have?", or "What happens if there's a recession in Europe?" - that help you anticipate, interpret and respond as changes – big and small – happen across the world.
  • Utilize Aladdin's integrated optimizer to rebalance portfolios, including to projected benchmarks before month-end, while minimizing tracking error.
  • Full support for a variety of account types including separate accounts, commingled vehicles and ETFs.
  • View reconciled cash balance and projections in real-time to ensure cash is put to work effectively.
  • Access daily performance attribution reports, to see the impact of your investment decisions and determine where you can continue to add value.
  • Access Aladdin's comprehensive suite of sophisticated models, built over the past 20 years by a dedicated financial modeling team.

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