More than just technology, Aladdin powers your firm's Collective Intelligence by providing tools to help your organization communicate effectively, address problems more quickly, and make decisions at every step of the investment process. And Aladdin’s Collective Intelligence gets better with every new user, and every new asset that joins the platform.


  • See Clearer – Start every day a step ahead with a real-time view of your exposures and risks across every product and asset class, so you can make informed decisions.
  • Work Smarter – Aladdin handles the extensive data processing needed to support investment management, helping put the information you need to be effective at your fingertips.
  • Move Faster – You can move fast on opportunities with Aladdin's ability to process enormous amounts of data quickly and on a single system.
  • Communicate Better – Aladdin provides a common language across teams and time zones, helping to connect your people, data and processes seamlessly so everyone is always on the same page.
  • Scale Further – Grow your business in an efficient and controlled way using a battle-tested platform, relied on by BlackRock and other large investment managers around the world.

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