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Benefits to compliance managers

By combining risk analytics, portfolio management, and trading on a single platform globally, Aladdin's compliance capabilities allow for proactive monitoring at all stages of the investment process. Moreover, because all users are united through a single, integrated platform, Aladdin can help ensure that you and your team are using up-to-date, quality-controlled data – no matter which office, or time zone, you are in.

Aladdin can help you:

  • Make sure orders are compliant at every phase of the trade cycle: order creation, trade execution and post-trade.
  • Receive automatic notifications every time there is a violation through a personalized dashboard – so you can address even the smallest issue the moment it happens.
  • Manage the resolution workflow including assigning responsibilities for, commenting on and aging exceptions.
  • Benefit from Aladdin's extensive rule coverage that includes risk, regulatory and basket tests.
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