With Aladdin, all operational processes run on the same platform, letting you see the investment process in ways others cannot. Through a shared dashboard, you know what the people before you and after you in the investment process are doing and can access the tools you need to get the job done.


  • Benefit from a robust suite of highly flexible, real-time management tools through the Aladdin dashboard, so that you can see what you need when overseeing intraday activity or external communications across different business functions.
  • Build your own customized tools with Aladdin's exception-based process so that you can target exactly those parts of the operations process that require your attention.
  • Receive automated trade confirmations right in your dashboard, as Aladdin is fully integrated with Omgeo OASYS/CTM, MarkitSERV and SWIFT. Confirmed trades are sent directly to custodians through SWIFT, helping to support settlements and cash reconciliations.
  • Work off of the highest quality data by integrating different teams and different offices. That means that even if there is a break with a broker, you and your team can quickly get on the same page because you all have the same data.

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