Living in retirement

Help protect and maximize your nest egg so that you can enjoy retirement with less financial stress.
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Planning for healthcare expenses in retirement

Healthcare is likely to be a major item in your retirement budget, though it can often be one of the most unpredictable. In addition to planning for everyday healthcare costs, consider whether you could benefit from a long-term care insurance policy. Research shows that 70% of people over age 65 will need some form of long-term care.*

Know the rules for withdrawing your savings

Retirement withdrawals can be a little complicated: While some are mandatory, taking your savings out too early can create major tax implications. When it’s time to start spending what you’ve set aside, explore options for when and how to make withdrawals.

Pinpoint your retirement savings and spending

Estimate your retirement spending potential for the current year and get projections of your retirement spending levels. Just enter three simple inputs in the LifePath® Spending Tool.
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Supplementing your retirement savings with Social Security

Social Security, managed by the U.S. federal government, pays benefits to retirees. Deciding when to receive these benefits matters. The longer you wait to start claiming them, the more income you can receive each month. Our Social Security overview can help you manage the complexity.
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How can an annuity help with retirement income?

An annuity is a financial product that gives investors a guaranteed income stream in retirement. You can use those distributions to cover your expenses.
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