Go long on the short end

Investors have spent years worried about the risk of rising rates, and now it's a reality. Many have flooded into short-term bonds as a result, but it's critical to know what you own to avoid unexpected risks.

Join BlackRock's leading bond experts on Wednesday, February 13th at 4:00PM ET / 1:00PM PT as they discuss:

    • Opportunities for you to consider on the front end of the yield curve
    • Ways to find unexpected risks in your short-term bond funds
    • Key ideas for 2019 to help you optimize your bond portfolios

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Our speakers

Rick Rieder
CIO and Co-Head of Global Fixed Income
Rick Rieder is Chief Investment Officer and Co-Head of Global Fixed Income
Head of U.S. Fixed Income iShares
Sean Carney
Head of Municipal Strategy
Sean Carney, Managing Director and Head of Municipal Strategy and Primary Markets team within BlackRock's Global Fixed Income Group. He is also a member of the ...
Managing Director, U.S. Product and Platform Group