Low Tides

Managing bonds at record low rates

We share strategies to help you meet clients’ fixed income goals during a period of record low rates.

Webinar topics:

  • An up–to-the-minute market update including our outlook for the rest of 2020 with Rick Rieder, CIO of Global Fixed Income.
  • Why blending active funds with bond ETFs could help you meet portfolio goals during challenging market cycles – and ideas to get started.
  • How to barbell your bonds and why the strategy helps solve for both low rates and the search for returns.

Featured speakers

Rick Rieder
Rick Rieder
CIO of Global Fixed Income and Head of the Global Allocation Team
Rick Rieder, Managing Director, is BlackRock's Chief Investment Officer of Global Fixed Income, Head of the Fundamental Fixed Income business, and Head of the Global ...
Colleen Sylvester
Divisional Director, U.S. Wealth Advisory
Patrick Nolan, CFA
Patrick Nolan, CFA
Portfolio Solutions Strategist
Karen Schenone, CFA
iShares Fixed Income Product Strategist
Shayan Hussain, CFA
Global Multi-Sector Fixed Income Strategist