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See what you can gain by focusing on after-tax returns. Leverage BlackRock's latest insights and wide range of solutions to help you design tax-efficient portfolios.

You can't pay for a house or vacation with pre-tax money. Investing with after-tax returns in mind can be just as important as risk and fees and has the potential to make a big impact on portfolios. Make BlackRock your partner for tax-aware investing.

The latest insights on taxes

3 ways advisors are focusing on after-tax returns

BlackRock has a range of tax-aware solutions to help your clients keep more of what they earn.

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Plan ahead for tax-impact
BlackRock’s Tax Evaluator tool tracks capital gain estimates for 7,000+ funds to help you anticipate potential tax impacts and stay in control of your client’s tax liability.
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Build tax efficiency into the core of your portfolios
Help your clients keep more of what they earn. For taxable accounts, consider tax-efficient, low-cost solutions. Only 0% of iShares U.S. Style box ETFs have paid capital gains distributions over the last 5 years vs. 64% of US active equity mutual funds1.
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Scale your business with model portfolios for your tax-aware clients
BlackRock's tax-aware model portfolios are built for a range of outcomes and designed for tax efficiency.
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Seek tax-advantaged income in a high tax world
For taxable accounts, consider municipal bonds. They have the potential to deliver strong returns exempt from federal and often state income taxes. As the world’s largest municipal bond manager, BlackRock’s size and scale can mean greater access to inventory and tighter trading spreads2.
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Leverage municipal bond SMAs for tax customization at the core
BlackRock's municipal bonds SMAs give you access to a dedicated team focused on your clients' tax needs with institutional-level access and tools.
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Use customized strategies from SpiderRock to focus on client outcomes
BlackRock and SpiderRock Advisors have entered into a strategic venture to help financial advisors access tax-advantaged strategies designed to generate income, mitigate risk or unwind concentrated stock positions.
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Partner with Aperio to help serve ultra-high-net-worth (UHNW) clients
Aperio (now part of BlackRock) partners with wealth advisors to build and manage personalized public equity portfolios that reflect each client's values, tax, and risk preferences.
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