Risk analytics

The biggest risk is the one you don’t know about
Use the Scenario Tester, our sophisticated analytic technology, to test your portfolios against 30+ risk scenarios to see how they could react.
Analyze your portfolio Analyze your portfolio

Retirement and planning

iRetire® by BlackRock
iRetire® is a retirement income planning tool that offers you a repeatable and engaging process to help your clients achieve their goal income in retirement, while helping you grow your business, leverage your time, and protect your practice.
Use iRetire Use iRetire
Help your married, divorced, widowed and single clients develop a strategy for maximizing their Social Security benefits.
Create a personalized plan for each of your children including a step-by-step guide of important elements to consider.

ETF analysis

Create customized bond ladders with iBonds ETFs and export your customized portfolio in a client-approved PDF.
Get a custom portfolio of iShares ETFs in minutes.
Use this interactive tool to see how factors have performed through economic cycles, market shocks and any other time period.
Create customized reports containing fund data on iShares ETFs.


Side-by-side comparison of up to five ETFs, Mutual Funds and/or Indexes.
Generate a client-approved report on a portfolio of ETFs, open-end funds and/or closed-end funds in the Morningstar universe.
Tool Generate a client approved fact sheet on any ETF, open-end or closed-end fund in the Morningstar universe.
Compare two portfolios of ETFs, open-end and closed-end funds side-by-side using key elements such as asset allocation, performanc...
Use this new Morningstar tool to find a replacement fund.
Analyze the composition and performance of a portfolio of ETFs, open-end and closed-end funds.

Tax analytics

Help your clients keep more of what they earn in 2018
The Tax Monitor helped over 5,000 advisors identify tax savings opportunities for their clients in 2017.* Sign up to be alerted when the Tax Monitor is turned on in 2018.
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