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Portfolio and investment tools for financial professionals

You're in the business of connecting. Advisor Center portfolio and investment tools help power those connections.

Advisor Center's free suite of sophisticated, yet simple-to-use, tools help financial professionals make informed decisions quickly, and communicate them clearly to clients and prospects.

The BlackRock Investment Quality tool lets you assess the health of your portfolios at an individual fund level and proactively identify opportunities to make changes.

Whether you’re interested in simplifying your due diligence process, managing transition events, or wowing prospective clients, getting started with IQ is easy.

Choose a saved portfolio, multiple portfolios, or a list of holdings you’d like to analyze. Or, you can create a new portfolio from scratch. The tool can analyze 50 portfolios with up to 300 unique holdings at once.

Let’s select a saved portfolio to analyze.

The first analysis screen you’ll see is the Overview page where you’ll easily see a breakdown of how many funds in your portfolio fall into each of the three “health” status categories.

Scroll down to get a better understanding of why some funds may have been flagged for your attention. Or, click through to the Fund Details page to immediately dive deeper into funds in a particular health status category.

The IQ tool analyzes positions across 9 different criteria such as tax exposure or hidden risk. You can expand columns to explore further as you evaluate holdings.

Then dive deeper into a specific fund. From here you can review additional details, edit allocations or tag the fund for different follow up actions. Based on your current assessment, you can tag funds for consideration as “buy,” “hold,” or “sell.” Or, add a fund to your watchlist to check back in on it another time.

You can also check out additional fund ideas that might fulfill a reasonably similar position as a fund that has been flagged. Fund ideas include BlackRock and iShares products, and you can toggle here to show just mutual funds or ETFs. If you’ve previously tagged funds as ‘buy’, you can also toggle “show my buy funds” to show your preferred products as fund ideas.

Fund statuses will be updated monthly, so check back regularly to simplify your due diligence process and monitor portfolios over time.

Review your full book of business in one place

Evaluate your holdings with the Investment Quality tool to see how they stack up against nine criteria like tax exposure and hidden risk. You can easily identify potential improvements for up to 50 portfolios in one analysis.

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Build and evaluate portfolios and funds

Tools to help financial professionals build, customize and manage client portfolios. Compare portfolios and funds, or stress test and analyze your portfolios across many angles – performance, cost, risk and more.
Interactive Chart: Global Allocation Fund
Interactive Chart: Multi-Asset Income Fund

Enhance conversations with clients and prospects

Show clients and prospects the value of what you do. Easily download customizable, client-friendly reports to use in client conversations and to bring virtual meetings to life.

Guide clients to and through retirement

Tools to help you kickstart the conversation around retirement and illustrate how you’ll help clients and prospects navigate tradeoffs in how they save, spend and invest to and through retirement.
Social Security Benefits Estimator

ETF analysis tools

Compare, track and review ETF performance, looking at the effects of market shocks and economic cycles on key factors, creating customized reports containing fund data and index data, and building customized bond ladders and core portfolios.

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