Stress test your portfolios with Scenario Tester

When markets change, emotions run high. Stress test portfolios to see how they might react against 30+ market events.

Information overload. 24/7 news cycles. Endless social media feeds. These days, it can be difficult for clients to separate noise from news. The “what if’s” pile up, and so does client uncertainty around their financial future.

But, what if you could address those concerns head on? What if you could alleviate your clients' worries and help them focus on what matters?

With BlackRock’s Scenario Tester, you can see the potential impact of different market events on a portfolio’s individual holdings and asset classes. Just upload a portfolio and select from more than 30 market shocks to see how it might react.

And with an easy-to-understand report, you can set expectations and help clients understand what you're doing to manage their risk.

Use Scenario Tester today to connect BlackRock’s sophisticated risk management technology with your clients and prospects, to make the uncertain more certain.

Stress test a portfolio against 30+ market shocks

Connect the "what-ifs" to the "what nows" in three easy steps: 1) Upload a portfolio, 2) select the asset classes and market scenarios your clients are most interested in, and 3) run the analysis.

3 ways financial professionals are testing portfolios with Scenario Tester

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Keep clients aligned to their goals

Fear of the unknown can be a powerful driver of some of the worst investing behaviors. Show clients tangible market scenarios and how they may impact their portfolios. The power of information helps put their concerns in the right framework to keep their goals in focus.
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Bring the concept of 'risk' to life

78% of advisors say that portfolio risk is proactively brought up by clients.1 Use Scenario Tester to help explore risk, a key driver of client satisfaction that builds trust and helps you expand existing relationships, as well as gain new ones.
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Prepare prospects for market “what ifs”

Run side-by-side comparisons of your prospect’s current holdings with your recommendations to demonstrate how you take risk into account before a market event.
Potential impact of different scenarios

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