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Address the “what ifs?” head on

Scenario Tester

Make the uncertain more certain.
Within seconds, stress test a portfolio to see how it might react against 30+ market events.
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More precise than ever before

The enhanced Scenario Tester now captures more of what makes your portfolio unique.


Stress test against 30+ market shocks in 3 easy steps.

Select Portfolios
Select Portfolios
Select asset classes
Select asset classes
Select scenarios
Select scenarios
Show prospects the difference
Run side-by-side comparisons of your prospect’s current holdings with your recommendations to demonstrate how you take risk into account before a market event.
Stress Test & Compare Stress Test & Compare
Ease your clients’ worries
Address your client’s biggest concerns head on by downloading client-ready reports that illustrate how their portfolio might perform under the scenarios they care about most.
Stress Test & Generate Report Stress Test & Generate Report

Upgrade from your typical returns-based risk analysis

Scenario Tester now runs a holdings based analysis on the securities in your portfolio, rather than on an asset class proxy, providing a clearer picture into your individual portfolio.