Make taxes less taxing

Tax Evaluator: tax-loss harvest & monitor capital gains estimates

Taxes should be a part of every advisor’s year-end process. Remember that you can tax-loss harvest intra-year and be sure to check for funds paying out mid-year capital gains. BlackRock's Tax Evaluator can help identify tax-loss harvesting opportunities and capital gains in clients' portfolios, so you can help them keep more of what they earn.

How Tax Evaluator could help your clients

Use Tax Evaluator to identify tax-loss harvesting opportunities and monitor capital gains estimates for funds in your clients' portfolios.
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Identify tax-loss harvesting ideas using price return information.
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Monitor the date and size of estimated capital gain distributions for funds in your clients' portfolios.
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Find tax-efficient ETFs with a similar objective or Morningstar category to help maintain asset allocation while potentially avoiding capital gains.

Consider tax-loss harvesting Core Bond funds

Since bond funds tend to distribute the bulk of their return in income distributions, their price return is usually well below their total return. Consider harvesting losses from Core Bond funds with negative price returns.
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Three ways to help improve tax efficiency with Tax Evaluator

For taxable investors who incur gains, optimizing for after-tax returns across the entire portfolio can make a big impact. Tax management can be just as important as risk and fee management.

Identify tax-loss harvesting opportunities

Use BlackRock's Tax Evaluator tool to identify funds in your clients' portfolios that you may be able to tax-loss harvest.


Explore tax-efficient ETFs
Consider ETFs to replace mutual funds

Consider low-cost, tax-efficient ETFs as replacements for active mutual funds that are underperforming, expensive, and/or distributing capital gains. The BlackRock Tax Evaluator provides tax-efficient ETF ideas across equities and fixed income so you can maintain your clients’ asset allocations

You don’t have to spend hours collecting and analyzing the tax impact of capital gains on all your clients’ portfolios. Tax Evaluator aggregates and automates this process for you! With access to over 7,000 mutual funds and ETFs all in one place, you can create a detailed picture – in minutes. See which funds have reported estimated capital gains distributions before your clients incur the tax liability. You can also help your clients consider the benefits of tax loss harvesting by identifying funds with negative price returns. Additionally, compare fund characteristics and rankings to help clients make informed decisions about specific holdings. Use Tax Evaluator to track portfolios, identify potential tax savings, and help your clients keep more of what they earn. Run a tax analysis today at

See how BlackRock’s Tax Evaluator works

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