Taxes hurt portfolio performance

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It’s not what you make, it’s what you keep that enables your clients’ portfolios to flourish.

Use Tax Estimator to analyze capital gains funds have paid in the past and find tax efficient alternatives.
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How much are taxes impacting your portfolios?
Tax drag impacts portfolio returns. The long-term annual average tax cost for mutual funds is 1.2% for equity and 1.4% for bond2.

A 1% tax cost on an initial investment of $1,000,000 at an 8% return over 10 years creates a $191k1 negative tax impact.
How much are taxes impacting your portfolios?
Now may be the time to find an ETF alternative
iShares ETFs are generally cost and tax efficient, which can help your clients keep more of what they earn.

Use Tax Estimator to identify ETF alternatives for your mutual funds with a history of capital gains distributions.
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Hear from Amy Whitelaw, Head of US & Canadian iShares Equity ETF Portfolio Engineering on how iShares ETFs are designed with tax efficiency in mind.

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