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Tax Evaluator

With potential policy changes on the horizon, plan ahead for tax-impact to help your clients keep more of what they earn. BlackRock’s Tax Evaluator tracks capital gain estimates for 7,000+ funds to help you stay in control of your client’s tax liability.

How it works

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Upload a new portfolio or select a saved portfolio to start your analysis
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Get the date and size of any estimated capital gain distributions for the funds in your portfolio
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Review tax-efficient ETFs with a common benchmark or Morningstar category to help you maintain your asset allocation
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Stay informed when capital gain estimates are announced for funds in your portfolio
How much are taxes impacting your portfolios?
Everyone focuses on expense ratios, but do you focus enough on tax cost? The long-term annual average tax cost for U.S. Large Cap mutual funds is 1.79%.¹ Assuming an initial investment of $1,000,000 at an 12% return rate over 10 years, that creates a $462K negative tax impact.
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Watch to learn how BlackRock’s Tax Evaluator works

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Minimize tax impacts for your clients
BlackRock’s Tax Evaluator aggregates and analyzes the tax impact of capital gain estimates for 7,000+ funds, saving you the time and hassle of hunting down this important information.
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Find a tax-efficient ETF alternative
iShares ETFs can offer competitive performance and tax efficiency at a low cost. Use Tax Evaluator to identify under performing mutual funds and ETF alternatives to consider.
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Help unlock tax loss harvesting opportunities
BlackRock’s Tax Evaluator shows you price return data for the funds in your portfolios to help you identify potential opportunities where you may be able to tax loss harvest.
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    • Tax loss harvesting is a strategy of taking investment losses to minimize current tax liabilities. Investors can utilize up to $3,000 of losses in excess of gains to offset taxable income. Net losses in excess of $3,000 can be carried forward indefinitely to minimize taxes in future years.
    • You can use price returns to identify which of your funds you may be able to tax loss harvest. Price returns show you the return on a fund less any prior dividends or capital gains distributions. Prior distributions are typically taxed when distributed to you, so the price return indicates the current tax liability for the fund.
    • Funds with negative price returns are potential opportunities for tax loss harvesting.
Reinforce your value throughout the year
Use BlackRock’s Tax Evaluator to review historical capital gains at key points throughout the year, like during large market movements or when you’re considering changes to a portfolio.
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See what you could gain
Visit our Tax Center to explore solutions and insights to help you design portfolios with tax-impact in mind.
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