Anticipate potential tax impacts

Help clients keep more of what they earn with Tax Evaluator. See capital gains estimates (when available), historical capital gains and identify potential tax loss harvest opportunities across 7000+ funds.

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Minimize tax impacts for each client
BlackRock’s Tax Evaluator aggregates and analyzes the tax impact of capital gains across all your clients’ portfolios, saving you the time and hassle of hunting down this important information. With access to over 7,000 mutual funds and ETFs all in one place, you can create a detailed picture in minutes.*
Show clients how you can lessen tax drag in their portfolios
Tax loss harvesting is a strategy of taking investment losses to minimize current tax liabilities. Use price returns to identify which of your funds you may be able to tax loss harvest.
Reinforce your value throughout the year
View historical capital gains at any time to track portfolios at key points throughout the year, like during large market movements or when you’re considering changes to your portfolio.
In Q4, see relevant capital gains estimates and plan for the estimated tax liability in specific portfolios.
Throughout the year, Tax Evaluator facilitates strategic portfolio decisions to help minimize tax impacts for your clients, better aligning them to intended goals.

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