Aperio separately managed accounts (SMAs)

For 20+ years, Aperio has been a leader in the direct indexing space, specializing in personalized, tax-managed equity separately managed accounts (SMAs).
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*Strategy offerings are subject to change


The case for directly indexed SMAs

Direct indexing is a form of passive investing that allows investors the opportunity to own individual securities that seek to track returns of a benchmark. Unlike ETFS or mutual funds, owning individual securities gives investors the ability to have more control and flexibility, creating opportunities for tax-loss harvesting and personalization.

Customization capabilities
Directly owning the individual securities allows investors more room for personalization around their values, investment goals, or different exposures.
Tax efficiency
Instead of focusing on taxes when it’s too late, tax management is often implemented throughout the lifecycle of the portfolio.
tax efficient
Room for flexibility
Whether you’re in a concentrated position, looking at charitable gifting, or need other options, direct indexing allows an investor the flexibility to do so.

Don’t let capital gains stop you

Capital gains should not stop your clients from reaching their investment goals. With a directly indexed Aperio SMA, tax management strategies such as tax-loss harvesting, help create losses that may be used to offset capital gains outside of your portfolio, allowing clients to potentially reach their goals faster.

The Aperio difference

Active tax management
Aperio utilizes tax-loss harvesting strategy* in an effort to increase tax alpha, or after-tax returns.
Thoughtful personalization
Our team of values-aligned experts will work directly with you and your client to help align their investment goals with their personal beliefs.
Access to industry experts
Our tax economists, strategists & values-aligned experts act as an extension of your team providing a wealth of knowledge, guiding your clients along their investing journey.

*To fully benefit from tax-loss harvesting, the investor will need to have other gains on their Schedule D (Form 1040) that can be offset by the harvested losses.

Tools designed to personalize how you see fit

Learn more about how Aperio has been at the forefront of directly indexed SMAs for over 20+ years and how we can help.
Our customization menu showcases the different benchmarks, tax management options, tilts, and many other ways our team gets the most out of each portfolio.
Using our comprehensive Values-Alignment Menu, our team provides a wealth of solutions and options to cater to each investor’s personal values.

Let our numbers speak for themselves

Aperio Numbers report

*Numbers as of June 30, 2023. Source: aperiogroup.com

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