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Use a BlackRock Separately Managed Account and free up time to focus on managing your practice.

Separately Managed Accounts can help provide customization

Different than pooled assets, there are many benefits to holding individual securities directly, including the ability to personalize at the sector or stock level, tailor to a client’s tax situation and offer a lower cost option than mutual funds.

A portfolio for every investor

Review our broad line-up of SMAs to help you address a range of client needs from your most risk-aware to your most tax-sensitive client.
Municipal Fixed income
Municipal Fixed income
Tailored portfolios to meet clients tax objectives and liquidity needs.
Taxable Fixed income
Taxable Fixed income
Offers access to the same risk management tools and experts as institutions.
Personalized at the individual security level, including ESG screens.
Built for the optimal balance of risk and return.

Let’s flashback to driving a car 15 years ago. Drivers would use rear and side view mirrors to merge, back up, and park. Today, thanks to advancements in technology, we have cars with rear view cameras, collision warnings, and side view sensors. These evolved safety features give drivers a more complete view of their surroundings, helping them make better decisions.

The same thing is happening with investing.  While traditional financial analysis still anchors investment decisions, the greater availability of sustainable data today gives investors a more holistic view of the companies they invest in.

Sustainable investing uncovers Environmental, Social, and Governance (or ESG)-related risks and opportunities that traditional security analysis may overlook. By giving investors a more complete view, sustainable investing helps identify companies that may be better positioned for long-term growth. Let’s zoom in.

Environmental Risks increasingly threaten company profitability through extreme weather, rising sea levels or pollution and waste. Companies exposed to frequent extreme weather events, near the water, or in a wildfire zone, may face disruptions to their operations and threaten their long-term performance.

Product liability, health and safety, and data privacy are all examples of Social risks to a

company. Companies that overlook data security risks may be susceptible to hackers or data breaches that can quickly drive down a stock price.

Board quality and diversity, fair CEO pay, and accounting practices are all Governance risks. Companies with a diverse and independent board of directors can help reduce the risk of oversight, fraud, and bribery. 

Sustainable investing doesn’t replace traditional financial analysis – it supplements and enhances it. BlackRock empowers investors to assess ESG risks in their portfolio construction process and makes it easy to get started with solutions across both iShares ETFs and BlackRock active mutual funds.

Regardless of your views on the future, long-term success is one goal that unifies all investors. BlackRock believes that investments that consider E, S and G metrics can help you pursue long-term success of not just your portfolio, but the world.

Spotlight on sustainability

SMAs are for clients who want the ability to personalize their account at the sector or stock level. Sustainable investing is often a request that becomes part of this personalized process. Find out more about sustainability at BlackRock and whether an SMA sustainable strategy is right for you.

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As your SMA partner, you can expect these benefits from BlackRock.

  1. Access to a Portfolio Manager in your region.
  2. Institutional-level risk management and credit analysis.
  3. Sustainable investing options that reflect the values of your client.

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