Investment actions

A deeper view of credit

James Keenan| Tim O’Hara |Sep 20, 2017

We believe the distinct attributes of credit, together with a greatly expanded opportunity set, provide the basis for a
strategic allocation.

Credit’s distinct attributes reflect its position in the middle ground between equities and traditional fixed income. It is less tied to economic growth and more exposed to idiosyncratic, borrower-specific risk.

Building a strategic allocation to credit has become more feasible because of a dramatic expansion of the investable universe. Ultra-low interest rates over the past decade have helped drive this expansion, but there are also longer-running structural and regulatory forces at work.

A diversified credit portfolio offers ongoing opportunities to seek alpha, in our view. This is done by adjusting allocations to the various types of credit, industry sectors and individual companies, recognizing that different types of credit outperform or underperform at different times.

An expanding universe
Growth in global credit markets

An expanding universe

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