BlackRock Securities Lending offers investors the opportunity to unlock the full potential of their portfolios. Is it possible to seek both risk controls and attractive returns? We think so, and market data shows that we consistently achieve solid results for our securities lending clients.
Our coordinated investment management approach enables us to develop tools that help traders and portfolio managers optimize performance and extract premiums around corporate actions and index changes. Our fiduciary responsibility to our clients guides every aspect of our program, and has helped us to deliver positive lending income for all funds that have participated in the program since its inception in 1981.

Why BlackRock for Securities Lending?

  • Global footprint: With offices in London, San Francisco, New York, Tokyo and Hong Kong, we lend securities in more than 30 markets and provide around-the-clock "pass-the-book" trading executed on one firm-wide platform. Our traders, strategists, product development specialists, operations staff and client service teams work together to ensure seamless coverage for our clients.
  • Integrated platform: Our securities lending program is seamlessly integrated into the firm's global portfolio management and trading functions. We have a long history of treating securities lending as a core component of the investment management process.
  • Dedicated resources: BlackRock has research, trading, risk and cash management personnel exclusively dedicated to the securities lending business. In addition, our technology teams have developed custom client reporting, operations and trading platforms that are used globally throughout our business to help ensure operational efficiency and transparency.
  • Risk management: BlackRock manages credit and market exposure of our funds and programs as a fiduciary responsibility. Securities lending risk management is fully integrated within the firm's global risk management framework and an independent group assesses the risks being taken on behalf of the funds in which our clients invest. Our risk management includes: ongoing due diligence, continuous monitoring of counterparties, collateralization and daily mark-to-market, conservative investment of cash collateral and effective use of technology to strive towards operational excellence.