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Multi-Asset Strategies


Multi-asset solutions are playing an increasingly important role in financial markets as investors seek investment strategies that employ sophisticated asset allocation, rigorous risk management, and deep research that aim to deliver specific outcomes tailored to their needs.

BlackRock manages $430 billion* in multi-asset strategies. Our team of more than 200* multi-asset investment professionals manages a range of asset allocation strategies, model portfolios, and customized mandates for a diversified client base, leveraging our broad investment expertise in global equities, currencies, bonds and commodities and our extensive risk management capabilities. BlackRock’s multi-asset strategies include asset allocation and balanced strategies, factor-based strategies, income strategies, target date and target risk strategies, and impact investing.

A deep bench of investment experts uses a flexible framework and a dynamic approach to asset allocation in order to develop tailored investment solutions that seek to meet clients’ unique needs and constraints. We combine proprietary risk systems, used by some of the largest investors in the world, with an ingrained culture of risk management to help build portfolio positions that are deliberate, diversified and appropriately scaled. However, while proprietary technology platforms may help manage risk, risk cannot be eliminated.

Our team-based investment approach blends experienced leadership with specialist portfolio teams and draws upon a wide array of continuously improved resources.

When skillfully executed, multi-asset strategies can deliver the diversification, growth, and downside protection that investors are looking for in today’s challenging environment. And given their flexible nature and ability to pursue opportunity wherever it may lie, well-managed strategies should be able to continue to perform as the landscape changes.  Our asset-class agnostic perspective facilitates unbiased market views, advice, and portfolio solutions.

Examples of BlackRock’s multi-asset strategies include:

  • Dynamic Diversified Growth: A top-down, dynamic asset allocation approach that seeks to deliver long-term consistent growth with low volatility and a focus on downside mitigation. (Risk management cannot fully eliminate the risk of investment loss.)
  • Global Allocation: A flexible, actively managed multi-asset strategy that seeks to deliver a rate of return competitive with that of global equities at a lower level of volatility over a full market cycle.
  • Global Tactical Asset Allocation:  A data-driven, discretionary macro asset allocation approach that seeks to provide an incremental source of active returns by tactically allocating across the global markets and asset classes and deploying risk into thematic insights. 
  • Market Advantage:A risk parity strategy that seeks to balance sources of return more optimally than traditional asset allocation portfolios.
  • Style Advantage:A multi-asset, long/short style factor strategy that seeks to provide liquid and diversified absolute returns, with low correlation to major markets, although diversification and asset allocation may not fully protect you from market risk.

*as of June 30, 2018


Richard Kushel
Head of Multi-Asset Strategies and Global Fixed Income
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