We believe cash is a distinct investment category-different and unique from other fixed income strategies. At BlackRock we have investment personnel, credit research and risk management processes that are dedicated to the liquidity business.

Today BlackRock is one of the largest cash management providers in the world. As we have grown we have earned our clients' trust through multiple interest rate cycles and a wide variety of market events. We understand the importance of putting safety and liquidity first — not as a marketing message, but as the core of our investment philosophy.

Why BlackRock for Cash Management?

Experience: With over 40 years* of experience managing cash portfolios, BlackRock has demonstrated its commitment to cash management and has proven itself through multiple market cycles. Our liquidity team professionals have an average investment experience of 16 years.

  • Focused effort: Cash management is a distinct business at BlackRock, with dedicated resources in portfolio management, credit analysis, client service, and infrastructure.
  • Risk management: Our Risk & Quantitative Analysis (RQA) professionals work with portfolio managers to ensure portfolio risks are monitored daily, and our BlackRock Solutions® technology enables us to focus on compliance, risk analytics, and disaster recovery.
  • Credit insights: BlackRock's credit research team is composed of approximately 50 analysts, who are fully integrated into our global platform, and possess a strong track record of anticipating rating agency action.


*Track record is based upon the portfolios managed by predecessor companies.