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Welcome to the new era of investment management tech. Today, views across risk/return outcomes and asset allocation are table stakes. Institutions want to unlock value and scale, while uncovering insights across horizontal functions, strategies, geographies and everything in between.

The way forward: Six tech forces driving transformation

We’re on the cusp of seismic change—with tech reshaping our lives and the way we do business. From GenAI to cloud, these shifts create a future of unknowns but also opportunity. Explore our vision for the next era of innovation.
Six tech forces driving transformation

Unified investment management

Aladdin® technology gives institutional clients a common data language across investments, operations and data—better positioning them for scale and efficiency—in order to:
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Access private markets data
Access granular data for private markets and alternatives asset classes delivered as a service.
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Manage whole portfolio risk
Leverage a consolidated view of risk across publics and privates, with portfolio optimization and integrated tools for management of your alternatives business.
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Manage assets internally & externally
Accurately view risk across internally & externally managed assets with automated, reliable data for analysis, oversight and management needs.

Where’s the light at the end of the tunnel for pensions?

In a post-pandemic era, pension plans face many challenges and opportunities. Hear how technology can help bring about new investment outcomes for the benefit of the end investor—in this discussion between Ultan Geraghty, Co-Head, Aladdin Client Engagement, Americas, and Badr Bevaart, CFA, Director, Aladdin Business Development.
Ultan Geraghty and Badr Bevaart

Your job has gotten bigger. You need a platform that can deliver.

Unified tech platform

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Whether you are managing allocations across public and private markets, expanding into new asset classes, or looking for new sources of yield—an antiquated investment tech stack, inefficient investment processes, and countless, disparate sources of data might be hindering true, meaningful momentum.

Comprehensive analytics

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Understand risk and performance from multiple lenses across your whole portfolio with data delivered as a service. From interactive analysis tools for scenario analyses and asset allocation to configurable, interactive dashboards and modeling, Aladdin® technology aims for faster insights and capacity to scale so you can deliver for members and beneficiaries.

Our reporting and analytics are built by practitioners for practitioners. The Aladdin® platform is delivered and built for the continuous pace of change.

Expansive ecosystem

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The platform includes an ever-expanding ecosystem delivered through a consistent source of data with programmatic access via an open architecture–all to support fit-for-purpose integration.

From implementation to new enhancements, the Aladdin® platform seeks efficiency and scale through a marriage of technology, people, and processes allowing pension funds to manage their investments and evaluate their risk-adjusted returns across their whole portfolio.