BlackRock offers access to a broad spectrum of alternative investments—including real assets, private equity, private credit, direct hedge funds, and hedge fund solutions —all organized under BlackRock Alternatives. We take a consultative approach to helping our global client base – including corporate, multi-employer, and public pension funds; insurance companies, central banks; commercial banks, sovereign wealth funds, and foundations and endowments worldwide build alternatives portfolios.

Why BlackRock for Alternatives?

  • Strong sourcing: BlackRock’s scale seeks to enable portfolio managers to source a broader range of investments, influence better terms, and negotiate better pricing.
  • Information advantage: We believe BlackRock’s information advantage results from combining our deep talent bench across asset classes and technology to obtain investment insight.
  • Operational infrastructure: BlackRock’s extensive operational infrastructure supports investors throughout the investment process in efforts to better achieve the outcomes desired.
  • Client focus: We act as a fiduciary our interests are aligned with those of our clients, and we offer flexibility in our structures and terms.
  • Risk management: We dedicate substantial resources in efforts to ensure our risk management professionals, platforms (including BlackRock Solutions) and processes are among the most rigorous in the industry. Our dedicated Risk & Quantitative Analysis group works alongside investment professionals to continuously assess and manage risk.
  • Experience and autonomy: Our highly experienced investment professionals are specialists in their specific strategies, and our autonomous investment teams have the agility to act quickly when opportunities arise.
  • Global presence: As a stand-alone asset manager with offices in more than 25 countries, we seek to offer the advantages of a global firm: enviable market access, regulatory insights, and competitive pricing, terms and trade execution. As of 31 March 2018, BlackRock Alternatives manages $159bn in client assets.

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