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Hedge Funds

Our platform leverages extensive company and market access, deep market insights, and cutting-edge risk and quantitative analysis capabilities to help deliver alpha for our clients.

Why hedge funds?

Hedge funds may play several roles in client portfolios including enhancing diversification, generating alpha and mitigating downside risk, especially when equites and bonds are down.

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Alpha generation
Hedge funds have the potential to generate higher returns relative to traditional exposures via the implementation of unique insights or manager skill.
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Downside mitigation
Hedge fund returns are less dependent on market returns, which can help to minimize volatility and investment losses.
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Portfolio diversification
Hedge funds seek to generate idiosyncratic returns with low correlations to broad asset classes, providing a complementary source of return to a typical portfolio.
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Investment access
Hedge funds use diverse strategies to find market inefficiencies, in both liquid and illiquid markets, creating differentiated opportunities for returns.

Trends shaping the macro landscape

Mega forces present evolving opportunities for hedge funds, positioning them to capitalize on shifting financial landscapes and maximize returns.


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New market regime

The Great Moderation, a multi-decade-long period of low inflation and volatility, is over. The new regime of heightened macro and market volatility requires the ability to navigate change quickly.


Geopolitical tensions continue to escalate. Economic uncertainty leads to opportunity, creating a unique space for hedge funds to capitalize on dynamic market conditions.

Thematic opportunities

Shifting mega forces such as the low-carbon transition and digital disruption are shaping global economies. Hedge funds are able to remain flexible to seek durable returns across cycles.

Hedge fund opportunities

Quantitative easing suppressed volatility for years, but a new market regime is unlocking opportunities for hedge fund strategies. Explore the opportunities.
Hedge fund opportunities

Hedge fund platform

Our investment strategies independently pursue alpha, while capitalizing on BlackRock's extensive resources to enhance their financial potential.

Hedge fund platform
Source: BlackRock 12/31/2023

Discuss hedge fund opportunities in today’s market

Learn more about how BlackRock’s hedge fund strategies could help you achieve your portfolio goals.
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Our direct hedge fund platform

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Managing hedge fund capital since 1996 on behalf of global institutions & individual investors.
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Breadth and depth
Portfolio managers independently pursue alpha opportunities while leveraging BlackRock’s resources.
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Investment discipline
Robust, repeatable, research-driven processes form the backbone of our investment teams.

Investment strategies

Direct hedge fund strategies

Hedge Fund Solutions (HFS)

Identifying and selecting the best hedge funds can be hard and labor intensive. HFS’s dedicated investment team has experience and expertise across multiple market cycles building successful hedge fund programs for our investors
Hedge fund solutions

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