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Client Insight Unit (CIU)

Dedicated portfolio analysis to help institutional clients reach their end goals. CIU leverages BlackRock's Aladdin® platform and expertise across the firm to help clients develop solutions reflective of their core philosophy.

Bringing value to clients

Client Insight Unit (CIU) provides institutional clients with portfolio construction expertise across multiple asset classes, which can help clients identify investment solutions and implement strategies that align with their objectives.
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Bespoke consultations
One-to-one engagements that can help clients address their most pressing investment concerns by conducting portfolio diagnostics and redesign.
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Peer risk studies
Annual reports translate publicly available data into investment insights using Aladdin® analytics and can help clients understand their positioning in context of the markets.
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Thought leadership
Dedicated, client-segment specific content from resources and perspectives gathered from our experience and expertise in portfolio construction.

Strategic asset allocations

Identify potential optimal allocations that adhere to your constraints
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Liquidity calibration

Determine your illiquid allocation constraints based on your spending needs
liquidity callibration

Risk factor decomposition

Understand factor concentrations and drivers of tracking error
risk factor

Scenario analyses

Account for tail risks across different market environments
scenario analysis

Source: BlackRock. The charts above are for illustrative purposes only and do not depict actual data. Indexes are unmanaged. It is not possible to invest directly in an index.

CIU team

Calvin Yu, CFA
Managing Director, Head of Client Insight Unit
Jonathan Cogan, CFA, CAIA
Director, Client Insight Unit
Angela Zhang, CFA, CAIA
Vice President, Client Insight Unit
Sarah Siwinski, CFA
Vice President, Client Insight Unit

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The Client Insight Unit is dedicated to helping Institutional clients reach their goals through thorough analysis and solution development. To learn more about the CIU and how we can help, click the button below.
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