Outsourced Chief Investment Officer (OCIO)

BlackRock’s OCIO team aligns the firm’s extensive investment expertise, robust research platform, and advanced technology and analytics in support of a single goal: helping clients achieve their investment objectives.


Why choose BlackRock for OCIO?

Our 30 years of experience as a fiduciary investor and a risk-management leader make us well-positioned to manage the total investment and governance needs of OCIO clients. As of June 2018, BlackRock has been entrusted with more than USD $100 billion in OCIO mandates globally, and we have a 150-person team dedicated to serving clients with a whole-portfolio approach that prioritizes your objectives.

BlackRock can help meet your needs for outcome-oriented solutions, and OCIO sits at the heart of what we look to deliver to our clients: market insight, robust risk management and differentiated investment performance.

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A single outsourced CIO that seeks to deliver the best of BlackRock to help meet your unique needs and objectives.
Investment Expertise
Our proprietary investment capabilities provide access to a suite of index, active, factor-based and alternative strategies.
Open Architecture
In addition to BlackRock’s proprietary investment strategies, we maintain an extensive set of third-party investment options.
Risk Technology
Our risk management capabilities and our advanced risk and trading system, Aladdin, are at the heart of what we offer clients.
Client Service
We act as an extension of your staff and facilitate communication with stakeholders to help improve your governance structure.
Simplicity and Transparency
We understand that simplicity and transparency are critical and strive to make each step of the process efficient and accessible.

Meet your team

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BlackRock’s Pensions OCIO Team is committed to helping your pension fund with governance and investment processes that are highly efficient and easy to understand. We draw on our expertise in liability-aware investing to construct custom portfolios designed to help clients improve and preserve their funded-status levels, and we take a hands-on approach to monitoring and managing the total portfolio. Our global scale and efficiency allow us to offer cost-effective solutions.

Foundations and Endowments

BlackRock’s Foundations and Endowments OCIO Team manages bespoke investment solutions designed to address the unique challenges of our clients. We combine BlackRock’s research, investment, and analytic capabilities with a deep understanding of our clients’ beliefs and objectives to create customized solutions. Our portfolios blend index, active, factor-based and alternative strategies to take advantage of an evolving financial marketplace.

Family Offices

BlackRock’s Family Office OCIO Team brings the breadth and depth of the world’s largest investment manager to family offices of all sizes. We sit at the heart of BlackRock and leverage the firm’s research, investment, and analytic capabilities to help family offices grow and preserve their wealth. We are long-term investors who focus on understanding a family office’s unique circumstances as the foundation of a strong partnership, and we work collaboratively to develop investment solutions.

Pension OCIO Buyer’s Guide
In this Buyer's guide, we discuss the current trend, reasons and key considerations when choosing OCIO for pension plans.
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